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Freelance Work for Bookkeepers and Accountants: Profitable Side Gigs to Consider

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Are you a bookkeeper or an accountant looking for ways to expand your career and increase your earnings? While you may already have a full-time job, there are numerous side gigs that you can do to earn additional income.

Freelance work is a popular option among professionals in these fields, providing them with numerous opportunities to gain new clients, enhance their professional skills or to simply earn money on the side. We will highlight some of the most profitable freelance jobs to consider as a bookkeeper or accountant, including ones that you can do while working full-time.


Virtual Bookkeeping Services

Young woman working from home at her kitchen table on her laptop, surrounded by by notebooks, coffee cup, and statistics papers

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Virtual bookkeeping is becoming increasingly popular, especially as more businesses go remote. As a bookkeeper, you can manage administrative work for clients across the world. These virtual bookkeeping services require good communication and organizational skills, giving you the flexibility to work from home.


Tax Preparation Services

Black professional woman sitting at her desk at home as she calculates numbers on her desktop computer and takes notes on paper

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Tax preparation is another lucrative option for bookkeepers and accountants. Many businesses and individuals seek assistance with their tax returns. They prefer working with a freelance professional rather than going to a big-box tax service. With the right skills and knowledge, you can earn extra income by preparing taxes for clients.


Freelance Consulting

Young Black consultant smiles as she has conversation at home on her laptop

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Becoming a freelance business consultant can help you expand your skills and knowledge while  maintaining independence. Bookkeepers and accountants possess special knowledge that can make their services attractive to business owners. By offering consulting services, you can develop an array of areas of expertise that will take you even further in your career.


Online Course Creation

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Online education is gaining momentum. Professionals in accounting and bookkeeping can use their expertise to create virtual courses. Besides boosting your income, it also enables you to share your knowledge and skills to benefit those who want to learn about your field. Depending on the complexity of the course, and the time it takes to develop and deliver, it can be a lucrative option.


Virtual Customer Service Representative

Millennial customer service representative man has conversation wearing headset and working from home using laptop

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A virtual customer service position also can be a good way to earn extra cash. There are often opportunities available that bookkeepers and accountants excel in, such as support for financial software or tax software. Freelance customer service representatives require excellent communication skills, technical savviness, and organizational skills to thrive in a virtual setting.

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As a bookkeeper or accountant, there is a wide range of freelance work and side job options available to you. Whether you’re interested in administrative work, tax preparation, consulting, online courses or customer service, it’s possible to earn extra by working outside of your day job.

Starting from home, you can expand and increase your skills and make additional money by seeking gigs that best match your interests and skillset. Explore new opportunities today and turn your side gig into a revenue source that helps you achieve career and financial goals.

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