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Goodbye Commute, Hello Flexibility

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Marjorie’s career history is rooted in customer service, with over 20 years spent helping people. Now that she is an agent with Working Solutions, she spends less time commuting to work and more time helping customers. Her story is one of finding hard-won work-life balance after decades with a demanding commute, and it’s a story with a happy ending.

Thanks to Working Solutions, people like Marjorie are making the most of their time, thus making the most out of their lives. When you don’t have to worry about spending hours on the road, or working a schedule that doesn’t fit with your life, everything is easier. Our agents, like Marjorie, can and do have it all — a fulfilling job, lots of hobbies, and a network of amazing colleagues. Here’s what it looks like for Marjorie.

Flexibility and Freedom

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Goodbye Commute, Hello Flexibility

Marjorie has been a member of the WooHoo! Crew since 2018. The flexibility of being part of a virtual, on-demand network gives her freedom and control over her work. She highlights this as one of the best parts of being an agent, especially the “ability to manage the hours I want to work.”

All of our agents can schedule their work hours. The more an agent meets their commitments and performs well, the more priority scheduling we offer them. We like to reward people who work hard and get things done. Everyone has the opportunity to ensure their workload is well suited to that.

This virtual, flexible work ensures that people like Marjorie have opportunities no matter where they are or what else is going on in their lives. We are always innovating and improving to ensure customer service stays strong, and that our agents are pleased with their opportunities. On-demand customer services and sales solutions are in high demand, and there’s no better time than now to join the team.


Building Relationships and Community

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On top of all of the benefits of flexible work arrangements with zero commute time, Marjorie also appreciates “the friends I have made with various programs, and coworkers.” While we are all virtual, that doesn’t stop us from having a good time together!

We hold workplace and agent events, well known in the industry, several times a year all over the country. We also offer ongoing professional education and development to our agents at no cost. We care about our agents, and in turn, our agents care about their customers. It’s all a part of our corporate culture, and one reason people love to work for Working Solutions.

We care about our agents, and in turn, our agents care about their customers.

Our agents are also a key part of their communities, which we support through thousands of hours of volunteering every year. We build houses for Habitat for Humanity, provide time and resources to food banks, fundraise, clean up, and otherwise proudly support our communities. We always donate to three organizations at year-end, too, ensuring that we are giving back in a meaningful way.

The proof of our great company culture comes from warm words from agents like Marjorie. And, this year, for the sixth year in a row, we ranked #4 among FlexJobs’ Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs. We know from our agents, and from accolades like this FlexJobs ranking, that Working Solutions is giving people the opportunities they need.

We always donate to three organizations at year-end, ensuring that we are giving back in a meaningful way.

Life Outside of Work

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The flexibility and freedom of being an independent contractor is certainly beneficial in choosing the work one wants to do. Our agents, like Marjorie, can match their talents to specific roles and client opportunities, and work to fit their lifestyles. Of course, this also offers many benefits for work-life balance!

For some of our agents, freedom and flexibility means more time for family. Others can pursue educational goals or career improvement (especially with our professional development offerings!). And some, like Marjorie, can spend more time just doing what they love.

For some of our agents, freedom and flexibility means more time for family.

Without a lengthy commute taking up hours of her time, Marjorie can enjoy her hobbies. “I am an internationally published author for many scientific publications,” she shares. She also enjoys “knitting, cross-stitch, my side business with Gel Moment, fitness, movies, family and friends.”

Whether she’s chatting with clients, digging into her creative side, or using her spare time for her side business, Marjorie is living the good life. Her experience is similar to that of countless other Working Solutions agents, also enjoying the benefits of flexible work and how it suits their lifestyles. You, too, can give up the commute, the inflexible hours, and the challenges of a job that is not portable.

Become a Part of the WooHoo! Crew

We are always looking for more customer service-oriented, helpful people like Marjorie to join our team. We’re certain that just like Marjorie, you will enjoy the flexibility, the friendship, and all of the opportunities that come with being a member of our team. We serve clients from a variety of different industries, so you are certain to find a position that suits your interests and your skills.

Our agents come from all walks of life, and all stages of life. You may see yourself reflected in Marjorie’s experience, or perhaps you come from a different background, with different interests. No matter where you came from or where you want to go, there is an agent a lot like you.

Put your future in focus.

Work from home as an independent contractor and enjoy the ultimate in work and life flexibility.