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Grandparents Inspire Contact Center Agent’s Work


Amanda | Agent since 2016
Amanda had zero contact center experience before coming to Working Solutions. Yet, within less than a year, she’s proved to be a natural in this line of work.


No Stranger to Her Customers

Growing up, Amanda spent as much time with her grandparents as she could. “My grandparents were always special to me, especially the stories they had to tell. They had a lot of wisdom. And I had a lot of respect for them.”

That relationship developed within her “a love for caring for the elderly.” And would provide a perfect foundation for her current assignment helping seniors find the right living community.

From Nurse to Mother

Amanda’s caring aspirations led her to nursing school, after which she worked in a hospital and a skilled nursing facility for three years.

“I had a love for little babies and the elderly, those who really depend on you for everything. I got a lot of satisfaction out of providing care for my patients. It was really a calling for me.”

Motherhood quickly brought nursing to a halt. “I went from nursing straight to stay-at-home mom.”

New Beginnings

Amanda first heard about Working Solutions several years—and two kids—later through a friend who worked for the company as a contact center agent.

“For about two years, I would see her posts on Facebook, saying how much she loved her job. And how fulfilled she felt and how much of a team atmosphere she experienced.

“About that time, I was getting an itch to have something of my own. I went out on a limb and asked my friend for some information. And it kind of went from there.”

Somewhat Nervous from the Start

Amanda was nervous about the fact she didn’t have any experience as a contact center agent. “My current project and the customers I deal with speak to my background helping the elderly, so I had a certain level of confidence. But I wasn’t used to helping people on the phone.

“From the get-go, the education team has been very encouraging. They really provide a lot of positive reinforcement and everything you need to be equipped and prepared to handle the job.

“So, after my training, I was like, ‘Let me at this thing.’”

A Top Performer

From the first time Amanda was eligible, she has made the agent VIP team every month except one, when she had to curtail her hours. That team consists of the top 40% of agents who help deliver the highest conversion rates or client referrals.

“I believe the service you give each family on every single call speaks volumes to the metrics you make at the end of the month.”

Stability in an Unpredictable World

Working Solutions provides Amanda stability by enabling her to set her own hours and work around her kids’ busy schedules and husband’s unpredictable military career.

Mark, a tech sergeant for the U.S. Air Force, works on the guidance control systems for aerial refueling aircraft. In that role, he can be deployed for long periods at a time.

“That’s the most important thing Working Solutions provides: the flexibility to still be a mom, to be a military wife and to take care of all those priorities and still have something for myself that’s fulfilling in a personal sense.”


Leave No One Behind

Amanda credits her achievements at Working Solutions to a great support system. From educators to project managers to the internal resource teams.

“Everyone here has been so helpful and generous with their time. The same goes for our client’s support team. They always build you up.

“Their philosophy is: ‘Reach out. Don’t guess and make a mistake. Let’s work through it together.’”

She said it’s clear Working Solutions doesn’t want to leave anybody behind. A belief she embodies in her service to seniors and their families.

And that to succeed as an agent, “you just need to take the initiative to reach out.”


Connecting with Veterans

While Amanda enjoys being an advocate to all the elderly, she forms a special connection with the veterans she helps.

“Seeing how I’m a military wife, I can really relate to retired veterans, family members or their spouses who call in for options,” she said. “I take great joy and pride in thanking them for their service and connecting with them on that level.”

In return, Amanda has had many retired veterans thank her for acknowledging their service.

“It’s a great bonding experience and always puts a big smile on my face knowing I served a veteran or the spouse of a veteran during a difficult time.”


 “I believe the service you give each family on every single call speaks volumes to the metrics you make at the end of the month.”

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