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Great Experiences Start “at Home”

We spend a significant amount of time discussing metrics, reporting, retention, routing sequences, and customer insights, all of which are important in any contact center. However, there is one component that cannot be forgotten – the team of professionals who are essential in assuring that every customer contact is an amazing experience.

It takes a very special person who embraces flexibility to manage hundreds of customer interactions a day (each of which is completely different from the prior).  Those who choose to work virtually without any additional “traditional office” group sensory experiences are a rare and highly sought after professional. To attract highly skilled individuals  requires a special environment where they can thrive.   By developing a culture of “virtual” inclusion, it is very easy for our professionals to become a part of a strong, cohesive, professional community with one primary goal – to delight their customers with every interaction.

Here’s the secret we live by, which really shouldn’t be any secret at all –

Show Your Love and Appreciation

It all starts with our Talent Acquisition and Agent Development processes, because it is very important to find the right professional for the right program.  Once we have aligned with these amazing agents, we know it is more important to love and appreciate our professional community every day – and yes, I said “LOVE.”   After all, they have choices so it’s important to build a culture of belonging.

Here are some examples on how we express our LOVE and APPRECIATION:

  1. Be Compassionate – everyone tries hard to mitigate the risk of life’s unfortunate circumstances, but sometimes it happens anyway.  We know if we are flexible for our professionals during life’s little challenges, they in return, will be there when we need them most!  Always embrace the importance of making a compassionate difference in someone’s life.
  2. Lend a Virtual Voice – our agents, and prospective agents, know they can call into our offices and speak to someone who will be kind to them and actually help them, whether it is for a technical issue or a taxation issue.   People should never be just “a number!”
  3. Communicate – use the power of “knowing” to work to your advantage.  You will be amazed with the tremendous flow of valuable ideas, if you just ask.  We seek feedback on everything from new tools, processes and procedures, to how we can provide them with the support they need to grow their business.  Most importantly, share the feedback and deliver results, so the team or group knows they make a difference.
  4. Lighten Up and Have Fun – it isn’t work – if you love it; and, I can honestly say I have heard from hundreds, if not thousands, of professional agents who say they would never do anything else.  Our community of agents loves what they do; and, we help them to have fun while doing it.   So, take those boring emails and turn them into something fun!  Throw a crazy Christmas sweater contest – with pictures!  Use Photoshop and make a process manager blush by giving them Ralphie’s bunny suit gift – with their face!   Send them your best virtual fruit cake!  Just Have Fun!
  5. Recognize and Say “Thank You” – always remember to recognize the entire community during special times, like the holidays, or when they reach certain professional and personal goals.  The most basic form of gratitude, which is often forgotten in business, is to just say “thank you for your time and dedication.”

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