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How Can Work at Home Moms Manage Stress Better

With no commute and flexible work hours, working remotely is a great option for moms trying to balance professional satisfaction with personal happiness and taking care of their families.

However, it’s not something which is always easy to manage, which is why some work at home moms may experience stress from time to time.

The good news is anyone can get better and more efficient at managing their stress levels.

In this post, you’ll find useful advice you can put into practice right away so you can enjoy the benefits of working remotely to the fullest.


Create a Solid Daily Routine

Work at home moms may try to manage everything on an as-it-comes basis, which is bound to make them feel stressed and overwhelmed.

You see, people are creatures of habits. We need healthy habits to keep out stress levels under control and this is something which applies to all areas of our life.

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Establishing a work routine (and sticking with it) will help work at home moms enter a productive inner mindset. What’s more, the power of routine has been known to lessen our cognitive load and stress response.

The main reason for this is routines provide structure and having structures provides comfort and peace of mind. So even if things get hectic, you’ll be better equipped to manage any potential-stressful situations which arise.

Your routine may include preparing breakfast for your family first thing in the morning after you wake up. Then, you can tidy up the house a little bit so you avoid getting distracted by clutter.

After you do all this, you can start working.


Avoid Strain Resulting from Multitasking

Do you usually work on 100 different tasks at once, but aren’t knocking anything off our list? No wonder you’re stressed.

Moms are incredible multitaskers, but when it comes to working remotely, multitasking can contribute to your stress level spiking up.

Our advice is this: whenever you feel unproductive, take a moment to stop, regroup yourself and get things back on track.

To avoid falling into the trap of multitasking, it’s best to organize your work on a daily basis.

Here are a few tips on how to better manage your tasks to avoid feeling overwhelmed and use flexible scheduling to your advantage:

  • Start with the simple tasks which require the least amount of time to complete. This will help you stay motivated and feel more productive, which is ultimately useful for dealing with stress.
  • Keep distractions to a minimum. This includes phone notifications and answering personal emails. Also, make sure to let everyone else around you know you’ve started working.
  • Take a break whenever you need it. A few minutes every hour should do. Step away from your desk, take a breath of fresh air, make yourself a relaxing cup of tea and come back feeling refreshed and ready to work.

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Maintain a Tidy Work Environment

It’s no secret that how well we manage to organize our living environment plays an essential role in our wellbeing and our state of mind. A messy workplace is a not only significant source of stress and anxiety, but it’s also linked to lower productivity and focus.

It makes sense. Clutter tires our minds with excessive stimuli, so if your desk is always full of things which are not necessary, your brain will be distracted. As a result, it won’t know what to focus on and you’ll feel overwhelmed and agitated.

Our recommendation is to spend a few minutes tidying up your workspace at the beginning of the day. The more organized you are, the more comfortable and productive you’ll be throughout the day.

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Work at Home Moms, Conquer Stress Before It Conquers You.