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How Flexible Work Makes Transitions Easier for Military Spouses

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The life of a military spouse can be rewarding in many ways, but it also poses unique challenges, especially when it comes to employment. It is not that military spouses don’t want to work, but rather that it’s hard to find and keep a job with moves around the country. Military spouses with top-notch skills, education, and experience may be frustrated when looking for work, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Research shows exactly how difficult this situation is for military spouses, with the overall unemployment rate sitting at 22 percent as of 2019. In the same year, the regular unemployment rate was only 3.5 percent. A PCS move within the past year more than doubles the risk that a spouse will be unemployed.

With those numbers in mind, it’s understandable that job-seeking might feel discouraging for military spouses. But there’s a solution that works for many, allowing for flexibility and the ability to take one’s job along on any move. Working from home lets military spouses set their own schedules, bring their jobs wherever they go, and use that hard-earned skillset.


Flexible Work Means Less Stress

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One of the biggest benefits of a solid work from home job is flexibility. As any military spouse knows, a lot of preparation goes into a PCS move. Many military spouses have to quit their jobs well before a move to keep up with the demands of the move itself.

Even when the family arrives at their new home, it’s hard to jump right back into full-time work. Even unpacking takes a toll, as does integrating with a new community. At the same time, the serving member will be training, deployed, or otherwise focused on their own work, which was the reason for the move.

With a WFH job, military spouses have flexible work that moves with them everywhere they go.

That is a lot of pressure for someone to handle, let alone looking for a new job in the midst of it. With a flexible work from home job, military spouses can set hours based on availability, slow down the work during busy home situations, and work more hours when things are calmer.


A Job for All Locations

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Forget about state certifications, re-training, or scanning job ads for something new every time moves happen. WFH jobs travel with military spouses, so there’s no break in employment for those who want to keep working. So long as there is an internet connection, the job goes with the employee.

This is great news for military families, who often do not know exactly where they’re going to end up at any given time. Flexible work from home arrangements ensure that there’s one less tricky transition. Check out these five facts about working from home as a military spouse to get a good understanding of the benefits of this arrangement.


Skills Stay Sharp

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Not every military spouse deals with unemployment. Many find work, but are underemployed, possessing more education and experience than needed for the jobs they find. It’s often easier to find jobs that require less formal experience and skill, which means they have work, but it might not be fulfilling.

Nobody wants to get to the end of their viable career years only to find that their skills went to waste. Many military spouses are very skilled, with work experience, education, and hard-earned qualifications. There is no need to set that aside just because of a military move.

Flexible work from home jobs allow military spouses to work as much or as little as they are available.

In the conventional job market, military spouses can be discouraged by employers who don’t want to invest in what could be a short-term role. Even with the strongest skillset, prospective employees with a jumpy job history or major gaps in unemployment can send up red flags. For military spouses who have worked hard in a challenging dynamic, it’s hard to lose job opportunities thanks to a resume that reflects many moves.

The right work from home position ensures that, even with many moves on the horizon, those skills never go to waste. The right WFH job will develop those skills even further, providing military spouses with learning and training opportunities. Because the jobs travel with the employees, there are no work history issues, and military spouses can continue to build on a solid job foundation.

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