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I am Thankful For – Freedom

The second installment of agent interviews is with a married couple who are both presently with Working Solutions. Here is what Connie and Scott Sorensen had to say:

Favorite Things

When we decided to change our career path after getting out of retail, we knew we did not want to return to corporate jobs. We are both mechanical engineers, and while we did enjoy the lucrative nature of that particular career path, we did not enjoy the long commute times or even longer work hours. There was no quality of life. We left that path to open our own stores, which became problematic during the downturn of the economy.

When we realized there were opportunities to work from home, we were intrigued. Now we have great careers and save quite a bit of money on gas and clothing. Plus, we really feel like we are helping people.  It’s a welcome change from the rigors of a corporate job.

Some Challenges

At first our family thought we were nuts! After all, we had these very specific degrees and were not choosing to use them. Plus, working from home requires diligence. You must set your calendar and be very self-motivated. It’s not the right career path for everyone. We did a lot of research before coming across Working Solutions. Many of the other work at home opportunities seemed more like scams than real jobs. Working Solutions appeared to be quite above-board, so we decided to take a chance, and are very glad we did!

Just like our family, most of our friends did not understand working from home. They thought we were sitting at home making cold calls to sell items. Working at home is not a reality for many, so they are suspicious when we say we are making a career out of it. However, we are living examples that you can absolutely work from home and make a good living. Now they all want to jump on the bandwagon.

Thankful For

This is great work, and we can see ourselves continuing to be at-home agents way beyond normal retirement age, at least part time. The flexibility is there. We pick our schedules and can choose how many hours to work. Plus we can work from anywhere as long as we have the right equipment. Soon we will be moving and are excited about the prospect of living where we want without limitations of our job. We are thankful for the freedom this career choice provides.

“It’s all about how agents treat customers and quality service.”



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