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The Rise of the Independent Workforce

Contractors. Freelancers. Consultants. The self employed. It is predicted that by the year 2020, these independent workers will become the majority of our country’s workforce.

With today’s economic conditions, it’s no surprise that our workforce is becoming increasingly independent. Companies, in an effort to cut costs, are utilizing these workers for one-off assignments and long-term, large-scale projects alike. These hired guns are brought in as experts to fix specific problems, and leave as quickly as they came.

One may think that it’s only the victims of layoffs that are embracing this movement. On the contrary, people are choosing to leave their traditional jobs, and the benefits that come with them, to become their own bosses. Some want the flexibility of freelance work; others, the satisfaction of working only on projects that they enjoy.

At Working Solutions, we’ve built our business using a nationwide network of independent, home-based agents. As pioneers in the industry, we knew that businesses needed skilled agents to handle daily or seasonal call spikes, and the habit of bringing on temporary workers just wasn’t going to work anymore. Conversely, there are hundreds of thousands of highly educated, trained professionals that desire or require flexibility in their work, such as the hours they work or the ability to work from home. Combine the two, and it’s a win-win scenario. Companies have the professional agents they need, only when they need them; the agents, supported by cloud technology, have flexible, home-based careers where they only work when they want.

What was only a trend is now the new normal, and has always been a part of Working Solutions.

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