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Meet the Agents: Gail Cahill

This month, Gail Cahill celebrates her 10-year anniversary as a Working Solutions independent agent. Her story is a common one: having worked for years in a traditional brick-and-mortar call center, she craved flexibility and work/life balance so  she could devote time to her husband and young daughter.

When she started as a contract agent for Working Solutions in 2002, many questioned her work-from-home position. “My friends and family thought I was a telemarketer!” But over the years, her loved ones have come to respect her position, even turning to her when their friends are looking for legitimate, home-based jobs.

Working Solutions wasn’t her first foray into being a call center home agent. Gail mentioned that she had worked for two other virtual call center companies. Her first project with one company was answering calls from infomercials; Gail noted, “There wasn’t a lot of training. There wasn’t a lot of encouragement to do your best. It just wasn’t cohesive.” She thought she would enjoy working for the second company she tried, but found that they didn’t care or have compassion for their employees. Then, she joined Working Solutions as an independent agent. Gail said, “When I found Working Solutions, I could just tell it was a good place to be.”

Ten years later, Gail certainly has a long tenure with us. Why has she been a Working Solutions independent agent for so long? Life balance. “Because you’re able to keep a balance at home without worrying about work, it makes you as a worker happy to come to work. You have that benefit of being independent, which makes you a happier person and more into the job. If you’re in a good mood, [callers] are going to get the best from you.”

Although she’s been on the same project with a well-known fashion retailer for the last seven years, her favorite project was with a prescription service for the elderly.  “It was just taking their information and filling out applications,” Gail said. “They were the best people. I liked working with them.” And that’s what she likes best about her current project as well—working with the elderly.

Throughout the conversation, Gail’s enthusiasm and passion for Working Solutions definitely comes through. “I really enjoy doing this. I really can’t see myself going back out into the world for work.”

“I can’t sing [Working Solutions’] praises any more. It’s a great place to work.”

“It’s all about how agents treat customers and quality service.”



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