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From Ghost Hunting to Customer Satisfaction: The Unfolding Journey of a Working Solutions PRO

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Meet Cheryl, a successful agent at Working Solutions, as we explore her journey through balancing life and work, discovering the importance of community and growth in the workplace, and embracing change.


Personal Passions Outside Work

While many of us spend our free time binge-watching our favorite shows, Cheryl, a customer care PRO at Working Solutions, is out ghost hunting or mastering a new yoga pose. She also enjoys genealogy, songwriting and exploring essential oils. Her passions contribute to a well-rounded and fascinating personality that adds to her professional success.


A Positive Community Culture

This multitasker has come a long way since rejoining Working Solutions. We think you’ll enjoy learning about her ever-evolving experience and some inspiring advice that new agents can benefit from. “I absolutely love the client and lead appreciation and respect of agents, the time that you all put into your agents. Working Solutions was amazing years ago. I tried working under another company which, while I loved the client, there was no investment in us like there is with Working Solutions. I am so glad to be back here, and Working Solutions still is A+ after all these years! Thank you!


Tips for Agent Success

Cheryl’s success with Working Solutions stems from her exemplary approach when dealing with tough customer interactions. She shares her top tips for aspiring agents:

  1. Take a deep breath and listen to the customer without interruption.
  2. Allow them to express their concerns; take notes and reflect.
  3. Remain calm and speak confidently to reassure customers they’ll be taken care of.

“Those calls where I can turn someone around mean the world to me and hopefully, I am making a difference to them. I love to hear them smiling on the other end at the end of a call.”

“Invest in a dual monitor setup, as it increases work efficiency. “If you have one monitor, you are holding yourself back. You will be much more efficient with two monitors.”


A Passion for Helping People

Cheryl thrives when offering support and encouragement to those in need. Her passion for the military community is evident from her interactions with our clients and the care packages she has sent overseas through

“I come from a military family, and my daughter is in the service as well. I am so grateful to be able to feel like I’m continuing to contribute in some way.”

The Takeaway

Cheryl sums up her experience at Working Solutions in three words: happy, efficient and successful. The takeaway from her story is welcome change and embrace the journey.

“Relax and be open-minded to change. Change isn’t a bad thing. It’s a good thing. We may not see it in the moment, but in the long run, we see it. It’s like putting the pieces of a puzzle together and in time, you see how all the pieces fit.”

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