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Military Spouses Looking for Work? Go Virtual!

The people who dedicate themselves to defending our country are to be applauded. However, it’s not only the men or women who enlist, but their families who also dedicate themselves to our country. A great example is the spouses of military personnel who must move frequently in order to support a military career. The constant moving can make it difficult for spouses to find their own career, primarily due to the level of flexibility required. Therefore, virtual careers are an ideal opportunity for military spouses. We support and invite military spouses to apply with us today.

Current Statistics

According to the Department of Defense, 85% of military spouses want or need work, and are highly skilled as evidenced by the information below:

  • 84% have some college, 25% have a bachelor’s degree, and 10% have an advanced degree.
  • As many as 85% of military spouses are seeking out opportunities to earn income for their families, and there is a 26% unemployment rate among them (1 in 4 spouses are without work).
  • 750,000 active duty spouses currently available for job opportunities.

Military families move 14% more often than their civilian counterparts, making more traditional work environments difficult for military spouses to maintain.

Military Spouses Can Go Virtual

Fortunately, today’s corporate environments can be more flexible, particularly with contact center positions and multi-channel environments. The advent of cloud technology and virtualization has created secure environments for individuals to work remotely, even from home.

Working Solutions pioneered the remote agent model, which provides an ideal opportunity for military spouses. The benefits include:

  • Flexible schedules – allow for pinpoint accuracy of a schedule and leaves plenty of time to take care of other family obligations.
  • Work at Home – having the ability to work from home means the ability to work from any base or location.
  • Be Your Own Boss – as a professional independent contractor running a business, there is greater flexibility in setting your own hours.
  • Be Part of a Strong Community – military spouses are already part of a community, but it’s nice to know there are others you can lean on. The Working Solutions agent community thrives on long-lasting friendships and interacts consistently through online tools. The tools certainly provide opportunities for agent development, but also allow for bonds to be built.
  • Challenging and Exciting Opportunities – the agent community is comprised of professional, experienced agents, many of whom have been contracting with Working Solutions for years. These agents in our community provide various types of sales and customer service support. The work is engaging and challenging, making it well suited for experienced professionals desiring more flexibility.
  • Change of Pace – opportunities are available to work with clients from many different industries performing varying types of work. Working Solutions is fortunate to have clients that partner with our organization to ensure success of the engagement. Those individuals with strong experience in travel, finance, utilities, or technology may find at-home agent opportunities a good fit.

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