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None of this Possible without You. Thank you.

Much is made, rightly so, about being thankful this time of the year. To pause, reflect and count our blessings.

And do it all, I might add, without relying on an app. Rather, it’s a time to offer heartfelt thanks, with deep appreciation of everything we have—family, friends, work, and yes, Thanksgiving treats.

So, instead of apps, think appetizers that include seasoned pecans, buffalo chicken dip and, my favorite, cheese balls adorned with pretzels to look like a turkey. (Yes, I’m willing to share the recipe.)


Turkey cheese ball for Thanksgiving dinner



Mentioning different foods here, in fact, is most appropriate to reflect the diversity of the services we deliver, and the industries served.

At Working Solutions, we cater to the many needs of our clients and their customers as an on-demand contact center outsourcer. We’ve done so for 23 years now.

That’s true whether you, our agents, are:

  • Expediting sales and service online for busy shoppers at major retailers.
  • Enabling reservations as travelers vacation this holiday season.
  • Helping taxpayers navigate the ins and outs of preparing their returns.

Having just visited with agents in Orlando, I was especially happy to meet and thank you in person for ensuring client success with great customer service. None this works, or is even possible, without you.

So, a big shout-out to a few of our agents: Sarah, a personal life coach and molecular biologist, Sandra, a bilingual agent with children, and Tameka, an optician with years of healthcare experience.

Thank you, along with the 1,000s of other agents, for your valued skills, rich experience and all-in commitment for customer care. I am grateful for every one of you, today and throughout the year.

Join a company that cares.