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PRO Spotlight: Special Edition – NoTasha O.

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In this special edition of our PRO Spotlight series, we are pleased to feature NoTasha Odums, selected as a finalist for the “CMP Research Best of the Best: Agents in Customer Contact” award. This accolade is reserved for front-line agents who exemplify the pinnacle of professionalism, dedication and impact in their field. NoTasha’s nomination by her program leadership and subsequent selection as a finalist are a testament to her outstanding contributions.


Why NoTasha Stands Out

NoTasha was nominated and selected as a finalist for an array of reasons that underscore her exceptional blend of skills, dedication and leadership within the customer contact profession.

Innovative Problem Solving

Upon joining the Tier 2 team, NoTasha immediately took the initiative to collaborate with her peers in identifying and creating expedited escalation-process resources. This initiative aimed to streamline the experience for both Working Solutions PROs and the clients they serve.

Exceptional Dedication and Support

Known for her reliability and helpful nature, NoTasha frequently goes above and beyond her call of duty. Her colleagues admire her calm demeanor and willingness to support through challenging situations, highlighting her as a super helpful presence with an unparalleled level of patience.

Customer Impact

Her interactions leave lasting impressions on client customers, providing clarity and additional support crucial for enhancing their business operations.

Inspirational Team Member

Fellow agents regard NoTasha as a standout expert whose knowledge and dedication significantly uplift everyone around her.


Tips for Fellow PROs

NoTasha shares invaluable advice for new or fellow PROs aiming to excel in their roles:

Continuous Learning

Always seek to broaden your knowledge about the products or services you support. This proactive approach will better equip you to understand and address customer questions effectively. “Never stop learning.”

Experiential Knowledge

Try out the products or services firsthand. “Customers don’t always know how to explain what’s going on, the issues they’re facing, or what they need.” Gaining personal experience can offer insights into the customer’s perspective, facilitating more empathetic and efficient support.

Professional Ownership

“This is your business, and you have to operate it as such.” Maintaining a favorable impression with clients and customers is crucial for success and requires a thorough and professional approach to your work.


About NoTasha

Joining Working Solutions in 2020, NoTasha has become an integral part of the team, contributing across multiple client programs. Her passions extend beyond her professional endeavors. She enjoys a wide range of music from R&B and gospel to pop and classics from the ’70s and ’80s. Spending quality time with her family is among her favorite ways to unwind outside of work.

Why Working Solutions?

For NoTasha, the flexibility offered by Working Solutions stands out. She appreciates the ability to create her own schedule, taking breaks and working more or fewer hours, according to her needs. This level of scheduling flexibility not only supports her work-life balance but also enhances her overall well-being.

NoTasha exemplifies the qualities of a remarkable professional in the customer contact field. Her dedication, innovation and leadership not only earned her a finalist spot for the CMP Research Best of the Best award. They also have made her an invaluable asset to Working Solutions and an inspiration to her peers. Congratulations, NoTasha!

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