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Respect the Empowered Customer

Over the last several years, there has been a rather dramatic shift in the way that customers interact with companies. The rapid rise of internet technology has put the customer in a position of power – both when it comes to doing business and to speaking out about those purchases. Now it is the norm for customers to research purchases and want to know everything about the product or service, the company, the brand and what you stand for.

Customers have rapidly become accustomed to instant telephone and electronic communication, and the ability to watch television programs on-demand. They often have more information than a company’s sales team or support staff. They can wallop brands from their smart phone, with video even, while waiting impatiently in line for the company’s employ­ees to answer their questions. They can get recommendations from people in their business networks while listening to advertising or sales pitches. Businesses must face the facts—the customer has control.

Indeed, an unhappy customer in today’s constantly connected environment can create significant problems for any business.  So what should an organization do to ensure happy customers?

Empower High Caliber Agents with Customer-Centric Tools

You may be wondering how your company can avoid any negative impacts brought about by unhappy customers who are also highly tech savvy. The only real solution is to employ a well maintained support system managed by agents who know how to use the latest technologies and possess high levels of emotional intelligence so they can quickly and accurately address customer concerns.

Agents that are proficient in the use of social media, chat and messaging software, and other popular communication mediums, will naturally interact with your customers on their preferred medium while providing exemplary customer service. When you recognize the need for a multi-channel savvy support team with excellent customer service skills, you can then and only then begin to reap the benefits of the empowered customer.

Respect the Empowered Customer

If you’re willing to take a more customer-oriented approach to business now, and continually make sure that your support team is well versed in the latest technological trends, you will garner a real edge over your competition. You’ll become the go-to company in your industry because of the social proof provided by many satisfied customers.

Customer feedback has become the most trusted form of consumer-behavior influence. As a result, they tend to make purchasing decisions based on the reputations of the companies they come in contact with. It is imperative to ensure your company’s good reputation stays intact by building a customer-centric support team on a multi-channel response platform. Then you can tap into a jet stream of positive exposure, allowing your brand to reap the benefits of the empowered customer.


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