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Seven Desktop Backgrounds to Increase Your Work-From-Home Productivity

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Looking for a daily productivity boost for your home office? There are numerous ways to keep alert and work hard when you are sitting at your computer at home, and one of them is to change the desktop background to something that makes focusing on work a lot easier to do.

Believe it or not, the wallpaper on your desktop can make you productive without you even realizing it, and below are seven backgrounds that help do just that.

1. Self-Affirmation Wallpapers

Self-affirmations are inspirational quotes that motivate you and change your attitude so that you can accomplish goals in life. Many workers memorize these self-affirmations and repeat them every day to make positive changes in their professional lives. These inspirational quotes help you visualize what the statement means and what can result if you change your attitude and keep working hard.

When you are looking to improve your productivity at your remote gig, the desktop backgrounds with self-affirmations are some of the best. They help you remember your potential and keep you motivated from that point forward, allowing you to become more productive in the end.

Customize and download motivational wallpapers here.


2. Travel-Themed Wallpapers

Fewer things can keep a remote worker motivated better than a reminder of an upcoming vacation or getaway. If you switch your desktop background to one that shows a favorite getaway spot or a place you are dying to visit for the first time, it keeps you motivated without even realizing it. Studies have shown that vacations boost productivity and looking at pictures of a past or upcoming vacation could be the reminder you just might need when you are feeling like slacking.

You can find travel-themed wallpapers here.


3. Solid Color Wallpapers

It’s been proven that specific colors produce specific reactions from people, sometimes without them even realizing it. Solid colors, for example, are suitable for making people’s memories better, and assorted colors can also produce other more specialized results. For instance, the following solid colors are known to produce these results when you are working:

🟢  If you are a workaholic, this is a good color to make your screen. Green does not cause any eye fatigue and therefore never strains the eyes as other colors do.

🔵  The color blue is calming and stable, and it helps people stay concentrated on something for an extended period. It is perfect for times when you need to work non-stop for an extended period.

🔴  Red helps increase blood flow and heart rate, giving you the much-needed energy boost you need to keep the hustling going.

🟡  Yellow stimulates creativity and boosts your motivation. If you are feeling low on motivation or are having a tough time getting a specific project started, yellow is the color you need.

You can find single color digital wallpapers from Pantone here.


4. Goal-Oriented Wallpapers

If you have a specific goal for your work life, it is easy to find a wallpaper that shows off that goal, which makes it much easier to achieve it in the end. Whatever your goal is, you can easily find a desktop background that displays that goal. Keeping it as a wallpaper lets you be reminded of your goal while you are working at home.

You can find free stock photography to use for your desktop wallpaper here.


5. Nature Wallpapers

Nature images offer many positive benefits, but the biggest one is stress relief. Even if you are a city dweller, images of nature do a great job of relaxing you, which naturally causes you to be more productive. Studies have even shown that these images increase people’s satisfaction with all aspects of their lives, both personally and professionally. If you are looking for the best nature images, try wallpapers that show mountains, icy or snowy landscapes, lush green forests, tropical landscapes, and images of popular landscapes such as the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls.

You can find some ideas here.


6. Baby Animal Wallpapers

Who does not love a picture of a baby animal? These pics are more than just cute; baby animals also help people focus better, according to various studies. Puppies, kittens, and even baby elephants make everybody smile, and if the cute animals in the pictures are also doing cute things, they will help you focus while you are working from home even more!

This ABC News slideshow features the cutest baby animals from around the world.


7. Wallpapers of Influential People

Most people have an idol for what they aspire to be someday, so why not find wallpapers with that person on them to keep you motivated? It does not matter if your idol is a financial genius, a celebrity, an athlete, or even a philanthropist. When you are feeling tempted to procrastinate, looking at the picture of someone who inspires you can help you refocus and remind you that hard work pays off.

This collection of desktop wallpapers features photos of influential people paired with some of their famous quotes.

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