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Sleeping Well When You Work From Home

For people who work at home, it can be difficult to get, or feel like you’re getting, enough sleep. The work-at-home crowd sometimes finds it difficult to stop working—even after they’ve put in their hours during the day.

To do your best work, however, you do need to get adequate rest. You may need to use strategies and tips to help you get the sleep you need.


Disconnect from Work

You’ve put in your hours for the workday, but you find yourself still wanting to finish tasks that could wait until tomorrow. Take time to remind yourself that it’s important that you unwind from work. This can mean shutting off your laptop or smartphone to go outside to take a walk when you’re done with work. It can mean going to your favorite coffee place to have a cup of cappuccino when you’ve finished your tasks for the day.

You need to unplug from technology when you know you’ve put in enough hours. Working past your normal hours may seem like a good idea, but when your mind is exposed to too much screen time, it can be difficult for your body to get restful sleep. Think about how much more productive you’ll be tomorrow if you just get restful sleep this evening. –


Don’t Let Stress Get to You


woman meditating after a long work from home shift


Yes, every person who has ever worked from home has had the stress of meeting certain work-related deadlines. If you’ve done your best and haven’t procrastinated with your work schedule, however, do not let the stress of deadlines get to you.

Again, something as simple as taking a walk or doing some meditative yoga can help you unwind from deadline stress. Also, do not take the stress out on your family. Making a stressful environment at home is not at all helpful in your quest to obtain adequate sleep.


Take Naps if Necessary

If you’ve had a particularly lackluster night of sleep and can’t seem to function at your best during the workday, you may find that you need to take a nap. Although naps can seem counterproductive and unnecessary in the traditional workplace, many employers are finding that having their employees take naps makes them more productive during the day.

For example, read this article by Forbes. The key to good nap taking is making sure the nap you take is short-lived. For instance, taking a 20-minute nap is an excellent way to decrease stress and to help your body get some of the sleep it so desperately needs.


Oils and Sounds


man listening to relaxing music taking a break from work from home shift


Some work-at-home folks can’t relax without having certain relaxing sounds and smells around them. The sound of the ocean playing or having the beautiful smell of lavender in your home can help you have a more restful sleep. These things may seem corny, but in fact, people have been using these tricks to get more restful sleep for many years.


Take a Shower

Most people tend to take their daily shower in the morning, but you may actually find that taking a shower at nighttime helps you sleep better. The warm water, combined with the scents of soap and shampoo, may help you release the tension of the day. Anything that helps you release tension can provide you with a better night’s sleep.


Don’t Eat Late in the Evening

Work-at-home professionals typically shouldn’t eat late in the evening because doing so can cause stomach upset. The digestive system is naturally slowing down at nighttime, so giving it a lot of food then may only upset the process. If you’ve ever tried to sleep while having heartburn, you probably know that it’s not a fun experience.

If you do have to eat late at night, try having just a small snack. Also, try to eliminate carbonated drinks late in the evening as they may not sit well with your stomach while you are trying to sleep. Consuming water or a glass of warm milk may be best when you are about ready to fall asleep for the evening. The warm milk can actually help you relax more.

Working from home has many benefits. Make sure you are taking care of yourself by using these tips to get the sleep you need.

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