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Steadfast Service—20 Years in the Making

The original Working Solutions home office, complete with desk and credenza, is reassembled at our headquarters in Plano, Texas. First located in Omaha, Nebraska, the office cost $1,000 to set up in 1996.


It’s a reminder of where everything began, helping clients and their customers. As we begin our 20th year, the office stands for steadfast service, which guides the company today. Invested well, a thousand dollars goes a long way.

We owe two decades of success to our team. They do whatever it takes—and when things get tough—take whatever the business gives, ups and downs.

11203174_10155450712475361_3709216868193004374_n-e1451508677605-300x146 In 2015, as we do every year, we held a series of agent luncheons, where virtual business professionals met face to face. Sometimes, it’s the first time agents on the same client program see other. Other times, it’s reuniting agents in arms, who soldiered through the business together. Either way, bonds are strengthened.

As we begin the New Year, it’s worth recounting a few stories from the field, where customers were well-served.


With Reservations

Right before her shift ended, Beth received a frantic customer call. Because of a flight delay, the traveler would miss his connection. Beth then booked a new flight through the same carrier, but it had to go through a code-sharing foreign airline. With different systems, she knew changing reservations isn’t always smooth. Beth called the connecting airline to confirm the flight change. None found—even with a ticket number. Each airline blamed the other. She conferenced in the customer and the airline and was able to iron everything out. “The customer was so happy. I had planned to finish working an hour earlier, but I waited on the line with him until he got checked in.”

Irate to Ideal

Paula received an escalated customer call. The woman on the other end was irate about a duplicate order, which was shipped and charged. Staying cool, Paula said: “Yes, it’s our fault.” Then “fix it,” the woman replied. Paula did, detailing everything she would do in an email to the customer, including a FedEx pickup. The next day, the woman called back, praising Paula’s composure. “I learned from you,” she said. “I took your attitude and applied it to my own job.” Paula understood, later remarking: “You don’t know what people have been through before talking to you. You might be the final straw in a long list that day.”


Barefoot Bride?

Customer Service Barefoot Bride
Never mind the dress. Two days before a destination wedding, the bride had no shoes. They were missing from her order. Clock ticking, enter Jaimee. She starts making calls, lots of calls, to FedEx and the retailer’s stores on the West Coast to find them. Persistence paid off. A pair of pink wedding pumps, size 8.5, were located, boxed and shipped—with a day to spare. “It was very emotional for the customer,” said Jaimee. “We were affecting somebody’s life.” And their happily ever after.

These are but a few of 10,000s of our customer engagements. Each is a story in its own right. One by one, we work them through. Always knowing that whatever it takes—is what we’ll give in the coming year.


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