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Thankful for – a Close-Knit Community

Our third post in the agent series is from Chris Ramer, 7-year veteran contractor and resource leader. Here’s what Chris had to say:

Thankful for – a Change of Pace

I am fortunate to have worked from home as an independent contractor since around 2000. My former career was in the medical field working closely with doctors as an LPN in the emergency room. It was a high trauma hospital in Pennsylvania – one of the largest. I was expecting my second child, raising my first and trying to balance a high pressure job. I wanted to raise my girls, so I left my job, but it was a major change. I almost felt like I was not fulfilled. My husband used to tell me that I looked bored.

I knew I needed a change of pace so I found work-at-home opportunities. This would be perfect since I wanted my children to be at home rather than in day care and I could also continue to work. I was with three other companies before Working Solutions, mostly doing customer service work. That took a lot of adjustment!

Thankful for – Fulfilling Work with Flexibility

In addition to customer service, I also did a lot of sales at my former WAH positions. People tell me I can talk a good talk and sell ice to an Eskimo, but I never felt comfortable pushing a product I did not believe in.  I was able to switch from sales to customer service to tech support, which is how I found Working Solutions. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to contract with them.

When I first found Working Solutions I thought they would be more like the previous companies. In the past, I had to schedule a full hour, and some even tell you the schedule you have to work. At Working Solutions, I can schedule in 15 minute increments and have all the flexibility and independence I need.

Flexibility is the biggest bonus of working from home. I am able to raise my children (4 girls) and still provide for them. Today it takes two incomes to run a family. I don’t feel that putting it all on my husband is fair. Now I can be there for my kids and husband. Whether it’s soccer practice, Girl Scouts, or their church activities, I can schedule all of that around my contract and don’t have to worry about getting someone to cover my shift. In retrospect, no one compares to Working Solutions.

Thankful for – a Close-knit Community

I am so happy to say Working Solutions is different than the other organizations I contracted with. Our team is always there when we need them.  They are just a phone call, email or chat message away. If anything comes up they take care of it. They are caring and accommodating. If you are struggling they have a magnitude of people to help out.

The close knit community of Working Solutions has made me the agent I am today, to be very honest.  I enjoy getting up every morning and going into my home office and logging in. Then when my shift is over, I’m done and can go get my kids from school. I work when I need to.

With Working Solutions they are so family oriented the company seems to revolve around you. It’s more of a community – not just a job. Everyone pulls together, including Kim Houlne, to make sure you are a success. It’s like my home away from home, even though I work from home. It’s a whole other family. I love it!


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