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Thankful For – a Great Job

Our first agent interview is with Aldo Covarrubias, a relative newcomer to Working Solutions, having just joined our team in June of this year. When asked what he was thankful for, Aldo had this to say:

Thankful for – Work

I was laid off my job as a call center representative on January 18th. Because there were so many call centers in my area closing down, I turned to the internet to find money-making opportunities. Just a little research turned up work-at-home options so I began to apply immediately, with Working Solutions being one of my choices. All the research I did proved Working Solutions to be a good company, so when the opportunity came in June to become an independent contractor, I took it.

Thankful for – New Career Paths

Being a customer service agent in a call center had become depressing. The supervisors were not always helpful, even though they were in close proximity. Plus the environment was not a happy one. Working at home gives me joy in that I can choose my environment, fixing up my office however I want. Plus I have significantly less interruptions and find it easier to focus.

I am so excited about working from home and the opportunities with Working Solutions that I tell everyone I know who is looking for new call center positions. It’s exciting to be introducing the remote agent concept to people, giving them a choice to work from home as independent contractors while making a good living.

Thankful for – Caring People

My landlord was really great in letting my family stay in our home while I looked for new opportunities. After only a short time with Working Solutions we were able to get caught up on our rent and even a little ahead.

I’m also thankful for the great team I have at Working Solutions. There is always someone there to support me whether I have a question or need assistance. The response time is actually quicker than in my previous brick and mortar call center. Plus, I really learned something from the various knowledge transfer sessions. The knowledge providers work hard to impart the best information so we are fully prepared to help customers.

Thankful for – Opportunity

I believe that remote agents are the future of customer service. Many people I speak to regarding these opportunities are skeptical, but I know from personal experience that working from home is viable. I make a good living, and am able to control my future. That’s what I really enjoy about the opportunity with Working Solutions. I am not limited in what I can do.

The ability to work from home makes it easier for me to care for my wife who is recovering from a broken leg. Furthermore, I am really happy to take calls because I’m in a much nicer environment.

In addition, I am able to stand on my own, becoming the best agent I possibly can, with the support of my program team. Working from home means you will always have work and can create your own future. I’m excited to be part of the wave of the future.


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