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Thankful For – Dreams Come True

The American Thanksgiving holiday is approaching and as is tradition, it’s time to give thanks, reflect on the prior year, and ponder the future. Our upcoming posts will be a series on what we are thankful for, with several from our agents. I am happy to begin this series with my own thanks.

Thankful For – Partners

Yes, I realize everyone says that, but it’s true. We are so fortunate to have clients who are our partners, giving us the opportunity to make positive impacts in their businesses, and allowing us on the inside of their daily operations so we can all make the contact center more positive for customers.

It takes a very special type of mindset for a leader to be willing to open up their operations so that an outsource partner can work to make a real difference. The end result is 360 degree communication, continued improvements and excellent customer experiences. So, I want to say thank you to our partners for being part of the dream for so many.

Thankful for – Agents

Our community of agents is the best. In fact, that’s exactly how we refer to them internally – Best of the Best (BOBs). These people are motivated to have their own businesses and share their talents and expertise with us, ensuring our partners are happy, their customers are happy, and that an amazing job is performed every single day. Not an easy task!

The professionals we work with are passionate. They believe in making a positive difference for us, for their families and for themselves. It’s a new way of building a career, and it works for everyone involved. Our agents are the heart and soul of Working Solutions.  Their dedication and professionalism have changed an industry. Thank you to every agent, past, present and future, for being part of the dream.

Thankful for – Corporate Team Members

The backbone of Working Solutions is the team who puts forth 200% daily to ensure the company operates beautifully. Our team has an innate ability to see what needs to be done and they make it happen. And they do so with a smile, a desire to transform the way the world works and a strong work ethic.

Many on our team have been with us for years; helping us grow and providing amazing insight. Others are newer and bring innovative ideas and fresh thinking. Regardless of the tenure, our team is dedicated, motivated and most important, genuine. What you see is what you get, and what you get is amazing people. Thank you for being a part of the dream.

Thankful for – The Dream

It is surreal to reflect on how far we have come as an organization, as a team, and as individuals. This company started from an idea that Tim and I built into a reality. In the process we raised a family, teaching our sons valuable lessons along the way while also learning a lot about ourselves and our capabilities.

When you set out to build something, it’s a whisper of a dream which typically isn’t realized for many years.  Through focus, passion and positive thinking, dreams do come true. Even more important are the lessons we learn along the way. I am thankful for dreams, and thankful for the journey.

Thank you to our Partners, Agents, and Corporate Team Members for helping to fulfill The Dream!

“It’s all about how agents treat customers and quality service.”



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