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Thankful For – Getting to Raise My Children

Our second post in the agent series is from Patti Jensen, seasoned agent and resource leader who has contracted with Working Solutions for six years. Here’s what Patti shared:

Thankful for – Work-at-Home Opportunities

I have been working from home for many years. Originally I had an in-home day care which was not going as well as I had hoped. Fortunately, I found a work-at-home mom internet forum that introduced me to Working Solutions and a couple of other organizations. I applied to more than one, and am glad that I was able to land at Working Solutions.

Thankful for – the Flexibility of Working from Home

My background is in manufacturing where I was a logistics manager for 15 years. We raised our children while I was working full time and it was not easy. Even with the in-home day care there was more of a time commitment in that I could not take off in the middle of the day for doctor’s appointments or other events.

We needed to take custody of our nephew, who was four at the time. Working Solutions provided the flexibility I wanted to be able to care for him and support my other children. The flexibility is great, plus I really like the independence. The best part is the commute! I have a wonderful commute.

Seriously though, working from home cuts down on expenses. I don’t pay as much for gas or need to buy clothing to go to the office – it’s a big plus. In addition, because I am an independent contractor, I basically have my own business so I can take tax write-offs for expenses from my home office.

Of course, a person must be disciplined to work from home, but once you get into it, you find there are fewer interruptions and you can be more productive.

Thankful for – an Amazing Team

Even though we are independent contractors we still work together as a team. I love the team on my program. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. We are kind to one another and always look out for each other. If you have something come up, someone is always there to pick up your hours so the customer is always taken care of.

You form friendships, even though you don’t actually see the people on your team. Using instant chats you get to know people and form strong bonds. We are all customer service representatives and want that interaction. It’s easy to make friends.

Thankful for – Getting to Raise my Children

I am thankful for the fact that we’ve added another child to our family, to be able to bring him into my home and care for him. Of course, it’s been a juggling act with two special needs teens. There are lots of doctors’ appointments among other events. With my contract at Working Solutions, I can accommodate their schedules and focus on their needs.

It’s been a good year. My family is healthy and we are happy. I am truly thankful for that!


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