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The Best Tips for Parents Who Want to Work from Home

Are you considering taking on an opportunity to work from home?

As a parent, you have plenty of reasons to choose remote work as your next career move. Besides increasing your family’s income and being a part of the workforce, you’ll also get to enjoy:

  • Increased flexibility and freedom.
  • Having your kids close by.
  • No time spent commuting.
  • No worries about what to wear to the office every day.

Working at home with kids, however, does require a different way of structuring the day. No need to worry, though. The tips in this article will help you juggle home and work responsibilities more efficiently.

So please, keep reading.


Separate Work from Home

As a parent working from home, you’ll most likely find it difficult to tear yourself away from kids to focus on your job. If you don’t do your best to separate the two, you’ll feel like you’re failing at both.

Setting boundaries will help you go into business mode—without feeling like you’re neglecting the family. Start by allotting a place in your home as your workspace.

Let everyone know that’s the designated area for working. Whenever they see you there, it means you’re busy and shouldn’t be disturbed.

Also, consider forming a habit that tells your brain to switch off from work mode to parent mode and vice versa. It can be something as simple as changing into a different set of clothes.

In the long run, a clear separation will help you achieve that much-coveted balance between work and family life.
parent working from home best practices


Prepare for Interruptions in Advance

Have you seen the video showing two adorable kids walking in on their dad during an important business interview on national television?

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Well, the hilarious clip captures the essence of why it’s paramount to think ahead you work from home. If you have kids, pets or neighbors, you should expect and plan for distractions.

Of course, you can’t prepare for everything, but these tips should help:

  • Close the door, and lock it, if necessary—especially if you have an interview or a call.
  • Let your family know how interruptions affect you and your work.
  • Teach your kids to be more independent. Let them get their own glass of milk.
  • Keep your cool. Whatever happens, maintain your composure. You’ll be just fine.


Be Smart About Structuring Your Work Schedule

One of the best benefits of working from home is the flexibility it provides. Flexibility however, quickly turn into chaos if you don’t have a schedule in place.

Also, the structure that comes from having a schedule not only benefits you, but your kids as well. They’ll know what to expect when. Slowly, they will adjust, getting used to you doing certain things at certain times.

To make the flexible hours further work to your advantage, consider planning work around your kids’ activities. Capitalize on things such as naptime, soccer practices and any other scenarios involving your kids doing something by themselves, somewhere else.

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