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‘Tis the Season to Give—and Take


What Employees and Agents Teach Us

Did you ever arrive somewhere and ask: “How did we go so far, so fast?”

I feel that way in December, with Christmas only a few days away. Time seems to accelerate, especially during the holidays.

It wasn’t that long ago that Kim met with our work at home agents in Anaheim, Charlotte and Baltimore. After a virtual meeting at St. Louis, agent gatherings in Pensacola, Newark and Phoenix finished out the year.

Wherever agents and leaders got together, the special bonds that distinguish Working Solutions and our caring culture grew stronger. The reasons why were voiced in those meetings.

They’re also reflected in employee and agents comments on Glassdoor. As a respected jobsite, Glassdoor posts the good and bad about a company.

After more than 450 reviews about our work from home jobs, Working Solutions rates 4.1 stars out of five. Many of the comments are positive. Some, however, show the need for improvement.

Being an educator, I value each one as a teaching. A gift, really, of what we do well and where progress is needed. We’re not five stars yet.

And if someone took the time to tell us how they felt, then we should weigh those words. Learn from them. Build on them.

Come the New Year, I’ll be reading Glassdoor. As the leader of agent development, I’ll work with colleagues in recruiting and operations to refine, and if necessary, revise our processes, based on comments.

After all, ‘tis the season of giving. I also believe it’s the season to give and take. Taking what you’re given to get better.

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