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Home Internet Troubleshooting: Solutions to Common Problems

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Home internet is the backbone of so much of what we do, whether working from home, learning or having fun. Everyone is used to home internet being available, fast and unfailing, so it’s an instant problem when it slows down or stops.

This is especially so if you need the internet for work or school. Effective troubleshooting is important to prevent any major internet gaps.

Here are some of the common problems with home internet and a few tips on how to troubleshoot. We’re here to help you get online and stay online.

Pinpoint Internet Problems

One of the first things to do in troubleshooting is to determine the source of the problem. If you can’t log onto a site with your computer, try a different website. If that doesn’t work, switch devices. This should tell you if it is a device issue or something going wrong with a web host.

While this may not solve your internet problem, it does help you figure out what’s wrong.

Check Your Speed

Sometimes the internet doesn’t completely disappear, but it slows down a lot. To find out if your speed is within the realm of what you’re paying for, try a speed test. Plug a computer directly into the modem and run a speed test to get the real numbers behind your internet connection.

With this information, you can compare the results to your internet package via your provider. If they match up, you may need to upgrade to a faster package. If not, you’re having internet issues and can keep troubleshooting.


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