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Wireless Internet: Not in Our Line of Work, but Why?

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For work-from-home contractors, internet connectivity plays a huge role in the security and success of any client programs you work on. With wireless and cellular internet providers becoming more prevalent as at-home internet service providers, it’s important to note how they may impact your internet connectivity and the ability to work as a contractor (PRO) with Working Solutions.

Recently, T-Mobile and Verizon have been heavily advertising their wireless internet offers. While the price and speeds seem fantastic, neither of them is allowed here at Working Solutions.

Here are some reasons why:



Pure 5G networks can be quite secure. Most telephone companies though use a hybrid of older 4G equipment with upgrades that enable 5G connections. This is to save money since replacing all equipment is obviously more expensive than just a few key components. This will change with time, but right now, security is inconsistent with these offers.



Latency is the amount of time it takes for a packet of data to get from Point A to Point B. In these wireless networks, this measurement is not as fast as what you see in wired connections. Latency might not be a big deal when you are surfing a website or streaming a movie.

It is, however, critical to live, interactive communications, such as talking to someone on a phone call. Technology will improve over time. For now, it is not up to the standards our clients expect.

Confused user looks at their laptop screen of a virtual conference call that was paused due to poor connection.

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Inconsistent Connections and Dropped Packets

Wireless 5G connections can be inconsistent with dropping data packets that make up the phone calls we receive. So, when data packets drop, it causes issues from losing a few words in a sentence while talking to causing a client system to boot you off.


Limited Tech Support

Problems that can be directly associated with your internet connection, including low upload or download speeds, like audio issues, will influence the level of support we can offer. Also, they may impact your ability to contract with Working Solutions or continue any existing contract with us.

Person holds their smartphone close to an internet router in their home living room.

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Poor Customer and PRO Experience

Wireless internet can lead to less than stellar experiences for PROs and the customers they serve. Audio glitches and other issues attributed to low upload or download speeds can frustrate customers and the PROs helping them.

Not only can calls or contact resolutions be delayed, but these technical problems can also exacerbate an already difficult customer interaction. Or worse, erode trust in our ability to effectively assist the customer.


Client Expectations

The ultimate reason we do not allow wireless internet is our clients’ expectations. All clients have contractual stipulations against wireless internet usage for many of the reasons listed above. Their requirements, in turn, impact those we have for contractors working on these client programs.

That is why wireless and cellular internet services are not accepted for use by PROs. If you are interested in contracting with Working Solutions, but currently using wireless internet, look for a provider with a hardwired solution. They include DSL, Fiber Optic, or Cable internet.

If one is not available in your area, see if you can set up your remote work office nearby at a private, professional place with wired internet. As with any virtual workspace, it must be secured.

By adhering to our network and computer requirements, our PROs play an essential part in ensuring we meet the expectations of clients and their customers. Creating positive experiences in a secure and efficient environment is vital to business success – yours and ours. We are grateful to PROs who help us achieve those shared goals.

As technology and our clients’ expectations change, we review our network and computer requirements and update policies as needed. To view current specifications, please see our frequently asked questions.

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