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Home-office Gadgets That Will Improve Productivity

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Every item in your home office should serve some kind of purpose, avoiding clutter and promoting productivity. If you are going to invest in a gadget, it should be one designed to maximize home-office output.

We have made that task easy by sourcing some of the latest and greatest productivity gadgets, designed to make your working from home that much better.

There are several categories of these gadgets, all of which you can pick and choose from for your own home office. Whether you invest in one coveted device or fully outfit your home office with every productivity device available, there is something for everyone.

Productivity Gadgets to Help Keep Focused

Distraction is an all too common aspect of working from home. While there are ways to mitigate this issue, sometimes the best thing to do is give in to it in a small way. Fidget toys and devices took the world by storm within the last few years and now they have morphed into useful office objects.

A great example of this is the Fidgi Pen, a fidget device that is a working pen. Whether you choose a gadget like that, a stress ball, magnetic beads or another device, a quick sensory break can be helpful.

Time-tasking devices for productivity, like the Saent Button, practically focus for you, launching timed sessions and providing visual cues for breaks. The company bills this as instant focus at your fingertips. It is just one example of the amazing new tech available.

The TimeFlip2 is a similar device, billed as an interactive time tracker. Not only does it track how you use your time, but it also provides visual feedback on how you’re meeting your schedule and integrated analytics. With this information, you can become even more productive.


Productivity Gadgets Promoting Physical Health and Well-being

Just like working in an office, working from home can be an ergonomic nightmare. Luckily, working at home means you can customize your space as much as you would like. Moreover, investing in health and well-being is a wise investment as well.

A standing desk is one of the classic examples of a productivity gadget. Getting up off of your seat and onto your feet does wonders for your body and your mind, at a low cost. Choose a full-sized, adjustable desk to mix things up, or put a small adapter on your regular desk to keep the footprint small.

Consider a smart posture corrector to further treat your body well. Today’s posture correctors are technically advanced, alerting you to slumping or other ergonomic issues with vibrations or phone alerts. If you don’t want to wear a device, you can use something like a Darma Smart Cushion to track your habits.

Desk ellipticals like the Cubii combine good, old-fashioned exercise with smart-tracking features. Invest in a Bluetooth-enabled version to track your physical fitness while at work or use a version with an LCD monitor. There are even machines, usable while you’re handling your to-do list, that let you sync up with coworkers who are also working out.


Smart Gadgets for Productivity

As you can see from productivity gadgets, such as focus buttons and biofeedback posture correctors, many tools are connected to the internet. Today’s technology does more than block out distractions and promote focus, it helps users understand exactly how to become more productive with instant feedback.

A good example of this is the Blueberry stress-reducing, smart-glasses productivity gadget. This device uses visual feedback to make wearers aware of their cognitive state and mental effort, alerting them to the need to take breaks or switch tasks. Knowing when to stop and when to keep going is key to keeping productive in the long term, and this gadget helps.


Bonus: Furniture and Tech Gadgets for Productivity

You can always upgrade technology to make it more effective for home-office use. If you are still using your basic headphones, switching to a set with better audio quality and other high-end features is a step-up.

The same holds true for keyboards, monitors, speakers, office chairs and other devices and furniture we often take for granted.

If you are working from home, you spend a lot of time in your office. We believe in creating a space that suits your needs, instead of repurposing home furniture and basic tech. Invest in your productivity, and you will see results.

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