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Virtual Skills for Excellent Customer Service


Agent Education Specialist
Virtual Contact Center Education/Curriculum Design


A Knack for Virtual Teaching

Candy worked three years for a large Florida supermarket chain in its human resources department before jumping into college.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in elementary education in 2008, she began a five-year stint as a public school teacher.

Then, a friend, who worked as an agent for Working Solutions, passed along a tip that would take her career in a new direction.

Never Looked Back

“It was a fast process,” Candy said. “My friend told me Working Solutions was looking for educators. So I went on LinkedIn and applied for a contract instructor position.” Within days, she was giving notice to her school.

“The opportunity intrigued me. I went for it and never looked back.” That was in December 2013.

During her first month as a contractor, she said she took advantage of every educational program available. “If there was a WebEx™, I was there watching, listening and learning about the programs, absorbing everything I could.”

A month later, she became an employee and agent education specialist.


Stay Up on Trends

When it comes to curriculum design, Candy said she sometimes develops it from the ground up, and sometimes works with the client’s existing program.

For one program, she developed a new course and navigational system, which links agents to the various online modules they need to complete.

Candy also is her development team’s point of contact for Working Solutions University, the company’s online learning management system. Her responsibilities involve research and development, as well as tracking issues for the team.

“I try to stay up to date on new trends to make our system the most robust learning environment for our agents.”


Hear, See, Engage

Candy recalls a quick-launch program she developed for a major travel company. She created the curriculum, set up resources at Working Solutions University and conducted train-the-trainer sessions on tight deadlines.

To improve the overall effectiveness of the program, she surveyed agents daily for quick feedback and course correction.

“Agents came out of each class meeting our metrics and were better prepared than the class before.”

Aside from getting constant agent feedback, Candy stresses the importance of constantly engaging agents when presenting lessons in a virtual environment. “They have to hear it, see it and interact with it.”


 “I try to stay up to date on new trends to make our system the most robust learning environment for our agents.”

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