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Why Working Remotely Is More Team-oriented Than You Think

The percentage of people working from home has grown exponentially in the last years. New technologies make it so much easier for remote workers to perform their tasks.

Despite this, working remotely can be a challenge for some persons because they don’t get to interact with coworkers in person.

You may even think that there’s going to be a lack of teamwork, but this is far from reality.

If you’re a team player and want to work out of the office, then you don’t need to worry about isolating yourself.

Here are a few reasons why remote jobs are team-oriented.


The Onboarding

It’s critical for a remote worker to understand the values of the company they’re going to work for so that they can act in ways that reinforce those values.

That is why onboarding plays such an important role.  It’s about so much more than showing someone his duties and tasks.

Sitting down (even virtually) with a remote employer will help you understand the company’s culture and you’ll be able to adapt much more easily to the new environment.

During onboarding, you will find out your responsibilities and with whom you’ll be working.

It’s essential to find out right from the start how things work and what’s expected of you.

Onboarding helps you figure out how to contribute to the company and how to collaborate as efficiently as possible with the other team members.


Communication Is Everything

man communicating with remote coworker from home job

Misinterpreting what someone said when communicating online is common. If you don’t know a person that well, you may not realize that what you thought was an offense was actually a joke. In written communication, you could actually avoid this by using the right emojis

Working remotely also means that you may need to communicate a lot more than if you were when working in an office and be a lot more efficient when you do so.

Constant communications should be the norm with any remote job, whether it’s a group chat, email, instant messaging or video calls.

This is how you can ensure your tasks and duties for the day and week are aligned with the project you’re working on.

It’s always good to put a name to a face, so regular video conferences will play a big part.

They can even be used to start off-topic conversations, which are going to help you get to know other team members.


Goals Bond Teams

When a group of people works toward the same goal, it only helps them bond and support each other more.

When goals are achieved, it’s also important to celebrate the wins and make the others feels appreciated for all the work they’ve done.

Making colleagues feel appreciated is essential for a healthy team.

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