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Work-at-home Wellness – 5 Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

A dose of healthy exercise does not necessarily begin with a brisk walk around the block. According to medical experts at the Mayo Clinic, just a small amount of exercise each day not only improves a person’s overall mood, but it can be a preventative measure against certain diseases and health conditions.

For many people burdened with tight schedules and no time to unwind or recharge their energy, there are several types of exercises that can be done at a desk to promote physical fitness every day.



Wall exercise

Your goal: Use at least a minute or two each day to build up your muscle strength and level of endurance. To do so, stand with your back up against a sturdy wall—and not a cubicle wall. With your back straight, bend your knees and then simultaneously slide down the wall. The goal is to end up with your upper legs parallel to the floor. You should hold this pose for at least 60 seconds and repeat the process 10 times.


Squeeze and burn

This seated-desk exercise is great for those that work at home. You do not even have to leave your chair to do this activity that will work your buttocks into a firmer shape while you sit. Focus on squeezing your posterior muscles together as firmly as you can. Then, hold that position for up to 15 seconds. Repeat 10 to 15 times.



Stand and squat

You can add a bit more activity to simply standing up and walking around with a squat position. Stand up and position your feet together. Then, bend both knees so that they are parallel to the floor. This should almost look like you are sitting in your chair. As you bend, raise both arms either straight up or slightly bent outward, as if reaching for something. You should hold this position for at least 15 to 20 seconds. Repeat it no less than six times.



You also can use desk accessories to help with some exercises. Grab a desk item, such as a stapler, paperweight or even bottled water, with your palms facing upward while you are in a sitting or standing position. Starting with your arms fully extended in front of you, begin at the thigh level and slowly curl them up toward your chest. Then, slowly release the arms back down to the upper thighs. This will strengthen biceps, as well as help with forearm muscles cramps from too much typing. Repeat this motion at least a dozen times.


Tap dancing

When you realize you have been sitting so long that your legs feel numb, the way to alleviate this serious lack of circulation is to position your feet so that they are flat on the floor. Then, make a tapping motion with each foot simultaneously as rapidly as you can. It is much like tap dancing or even the same as running in place, if you were standing up to do the same exercise. This should be done in intervals of 30 seconds each at least several times a day, especially if you sit for long periods of time. This is another great, seated-desk exercise you can do while working from home.

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