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Stress Management While Working from Home

Working from home eliminates several stress factors—from deciding what to wear to the office to avoiding traffic jams. But while your friends may be envious, you know that working from home can create its own stressful situations. Making a success out of at-home work will require a unique set of stress-management techniques.

You can reduce stress, caused by working at home, with the following tips.


Claim Your Own Office Space

Make your office space your own territory. If an entire room isn’t possible, designate a corner and equip it exclusively for work. Even if you have the whole house to yourself, you’ll feel more confident and professional in an area devoted to working.


Dress for Coping with Stress

One of the biggest perks of working from home is not having to get dressed for the office. This perk, however, can backfire. Take care not to let comfy turn to comatose. Staying in your pajamas all day may cause you to be too relaxed to be productive.


Stick to a Schedule

Staying on a schedule is important for stress management on any job anywhere. Short turnaround times are characteristic of most work-from-home jobs. Beat deadline stress by breaking down large projects into smaller steps. Make a to-do list each day and rank the items to get done by importance. You’ll find eliminating procrastination and worry to be one of the best relaxation techniques.

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Learn to Say No

Sometimes, friends and family assume that since you don’t have a standard, nine-to-five job that you’re available for chores and favors. While you do have the luxury of not asking for time off, don’t let them take advantage of your work-from-home job. Set boundaries and learn to say no. You’ll avoid conflict and frustration.


Take Housework Breaks

Working from home can help you kill three birds with one stone. Whenever you hit a mental block, use the time to knock off a mundane chore, such as unloading the dishwasher or paying bills. By breaking things up, you’ll accomplish several things: Restore your mental focus, have a good stretch break, and get a few household chores done at the same time.

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Minimize Distractions

If your job requires more than around 20 hours a week, don’t try to combine it with stay-at-home parenting. They’re two different things. Also, turn the TV off and set time slots for checking social media. If you have pets, walk or play with them first so they can rest while you work.


Go “Home” in the Evenings

Close the door at a reasonable hour and walk away from the job. Use the evenings for ways to relieve stress and get refreshed for the next day at work.

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