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Work-from-home Tips for Success

Working from home and haven’t yet found your stride? Considering working remotely and want to do it the right way from the start?

If the answer to either question is yes, then here are some work-from-home tips for success. Ultimately, it comes down to effective time management, the ideal workspace and a healthy lifestyle.


Effective Time Management

woman working in cafe keeping up with time to be the most productive

Author: GaudiLab.

How you organize your time will impact your ability to get your job done. Without the structure of a traditional workplace, you need to develop a system that brings order.

Outside an in-office workplace, you can do many things to show you’re a reliable, effective team player. This starts with how you manage your time.

  • Establish a routine. Confer with your manager to develop a daily, weekly or monthly work schedule so that you can work autonomously. Allow for time to catch up on projects or work on last-minute assignments.
  • Manage your workload proactively by delegating tasks when you’re overloaded. Also, reach out to team members for support when you’re able to take on more. You can always adapt to things that come up as needed, but a work baseline will provide that continuity you need to stay on track.
  • Avoid multitasking. As tempting as it may be to multitask when no one is watching, it ultimately will cost you time. Constantly switching gears demands that you remember the status of each task. Be intentional with your time and energy. Focus on the task at hand and move on. Coworkers and clients will notice if you’re distracted and constantly need reminding about the details of a project or issue.
  • Organize check-ins. Hold yourself accountable by organizing regular check-ins with coworkers and your leader. Schedule facetime and prepare for meetings so that you can use that time to review, troubleshoot and plan efficiently with teammates.


Invest in Your Ideal Workspace

work at home desk with desktop

Author: GaudiLab.

It’s common knowledge that the space you work in will impact your effectiveness at work. But let’s take it a step further. At home, you have the opportunity to create your ideal workspace.

You probably know a few things that will help you to be your most productive. Here are some tips to ensure your most successful work-from-home experience.

  • Get the best tech setup. You need a computer, software and internet connection that will maximize your workflow. Be proactive and make sure you have the equipment you need. Reach out for help troubleshooting obstacles you’re facing. Connect with others who work from home. You can always learn from them.
  • Get the best setup. You don’t want back or neck pain to get in your way. You can avoid physical distractions with a setup that considers your posture and alignment. Make sure your desk corresponds with your height, and that your chair encourages good posture. You could get an adjustable desk, which allows you to sit or stand. No matter which option you choose, you need to invest in your setup for comfort and efficiency.
  • Avoid distractions. Part of the process in creating your ideal workspace will be avoiding distractions. It’s best to work in a space with a door to set a boundary between work and home. If you’re sensitive to sound, try noise-canceling headphones. Make sure you spend time each day organizing and cleaning your workspace to eliminate clutter.
  • Zero in on what helps you focus. It’s also essential to foster an atmosphere that promotes productivity. Imagine a space that invites creativity, inspiration and motivation. Natural light, pictures, art or plants are elements that may calm you or emit energy to take on the day’s challenges. While you can function in a cluttered space, it’s more effective to take a minimalist approach to focus your attention on what matters.


Foster healthy lifestyle

middle aged woman doing yoga

Author: Pereslavtseva Katerina.

To have a successful and sustainable work-from-home practice, you will need to develop habits to foster a healthy lifestyle. That lifestyle can vary from person to person. Here are tips that will support your physical and mental well-being.

  • Set your hours and stick to them. When you’re on, you need to be reachable. But when you’re not working, you should enjoy that time for yourself. Then, come back to work feeling refreshed. Determine the best working hours to get things done, taking into consideration the schedules of coworkers in different time zones. Once your schedule is finalized, communicate your hours to your manager, colleagues, and clients.
  • Develop in-person social networks. Working from home can be an isolating experience if you don’t take the extra steps to support yourself with networks and community. Arrange gatherings with coworkers or other remote workers in your area. Join groups with common interests or hobbies that you can meet outside of work.
  • Physically move and take breaks. Without anyone else around to encourage you, it’s up to you to take breaks. A walk outside or a five-minute stretch can make a world of difference. Make time to exercise during the week, every week. This way, you will feel energized and motivated each workday.

Working from home has gained immense popularity among professionals in recent years, especially now. You need to have, however, the right approach for it to work for you.

With effective time management, an ideal workspace and a healthy lifestyle, you are paving the way to a successful work from home experience.

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