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Work-from-home Tips for Tackling Customer Service

Days are gone when working as a customer service representative meant sitting in a cubicle for long hours. Today, customer service professionals can let go of the daily grind of commuting or driving to work and perform their duties—right from the comfort of their homes.
And although working from home can be a rewarding experience, it comes with a lot of challenges.

Just consider:

  • The fact that you will be spending the entire day inside the house.
  • You will have limited, in-person access to your managers and colleagues, which may cause some problems.

There are, however, a few work-from-home tips that can help you deliver top-notch results as a remote customer service representative.


1. Create a Conducive Work Environment

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Working from home means that you stay in your private spot where you might have a vast array of distractions. So, the first thing if you want to deliver exceptional customer service is to create a dedicated workspace or home office. Make sure that you work in a quiet space that is free from various interruptions.


2. Have the Essential Tools of Trade

If you want to deliver outstanding results in work-from-home customer service jobs, you need to have the right tools. These include devices such as a professional headset, remote or coded telephone, comfortable chair, up-to-date computer or laptop, and latest support software, depending on the needs of your company. When it comes to technology, you need to have high-speed internet, webcam, and antispyware and antivirus to help you flag any telecommunicating security risks. You also need to be proficient with various systems, such as instant-messaging tools and videoconferencing applications, among others.


3. Ensure that You Set Clear Internal Communication

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While you may know how best to communicate with customers, you also need to foster great dialogue with your team. Working from home means that you have limited, in-person communications with your managers and coworkers. This means that most of the time, your conversations will be through email or other online mediums.

Therefore, if you fail to establish clear internal communications, you may fail to grasp what your managers need from you and end up disappointing customers. So, if you send a message and your leaders forget to answer it, make sure you ask it again to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Without in-person dialogue with colleagues and managers, there is a high probability of you missing some crucial information and appearing blunt when a customer asks a question that you haven’t discussed with your team.


4. Join an Online Community or Build One

Working from home as a customer service representative means that you will be spending most of your time alone. Unlike the typical working environment where you interact and share ideas in person with colleagues, remote working means you have to find people like you for information sharing. Joining online forums and groups is one way of building meaningful and resourceful relationships. Several online groups offer comprehensive resources to work-from-home, customer-care professionals. These include We Support, Support Driven and Nomad List, among others.

You can also go ahead and start your online community. You can look for other remote customer service professionals on social media and reach out. You can establish a personal connection and request that they join a monthly online community where you will be discussing issues that relate to virtual customer service.

Last Points

Delivering exceptional customer service is about having all the support you can get.
Whether you are starting out or are a veteran customer service professional, you need to:

  • Gather the right tools, create a productive workplace.
  • Leverage internal support.
  • Interact with other like-minded, remote service workers.


If you do this, most definitely, you’ll grow your career as a work-from-home service professional.

We need service professionals like you.