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5 Tips To Follow When Applying To Work from Home As A Call Center Agent

Follow this guide to move your application to the top


Are you serious about becoming a remote call center agent?

If so, know this: When applying for work online, your digital impression is your first impression.

“Make it complete—and make it count,” says Mary Susan Costa, director of Virtual Talent at Working Solutions. She should know, after seeing 100,000s of online applications over the last 14+ years.

Some candidates, however, give their applications short shrift. They pay little attention to filling out all the information. Sadly, incomplete responses immediately take them out of the running.

“Because we don’t meet our applicants in person, our first impression is based on the content of your application and your assessment results, including the recorded interview,” Costa points out.

That said, it only makes sense to apply the right way, completing every requirement. To succeed, Costa recommends remembering these five things:

  1. Thoroughly read what’s required. Understand what’s being asked and answer appropriately. “Sometimes, something so simple, yet essential, is overlooked by applicants,” she says.
  2. Consider the application and tests as your way of introducing yourself to Working Solutions. Costa asks: “How do you want that introduction to go?”
  3. The application assesses how well a person can work remotely. It’s not for everyone, she says. “Your personality should fit the work-from-home business model.”
  4. Give details about your work history, citing specific expertise. Be sure to attach your resume. “Include all relevant experience,” Costa advises. “You never know when a unique skill will be needed by a client.”
  5. And don’t forget: Make sure your communications skills shine through. “After all, this is a customer-contact job,” she says.

With more than 20 years in contact center outsourcing, Working Solutions is a recognized industry leader by workforce experts, such as FlexJobs. The company’s business backbone is a network of 110,000+ agents, who are independent contractors across the United States.

As a remote contact center business, its primary goal is providing great customer service. “And to do that well, we need the best agents—and it all begins when they apply,” Costa believes.


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