In the past, we’ve written about online job scams to protect Working Solutions agents and applicants. Today, we’re writing about it again in order to protect you—and our reputation as a legitimate work-at-home company. Using the URL, an outfit is pretending to be us. Job seekers are being recruited, with phony identities posted to […]

When it comes to providing excellent customer service, there is one thing for certain – it takes dedication. That dedication can take a toll on the agents and support team simply because of the amount of time spent in front of a computer, typically sitting at a desk. The best thing an agent, or any […]

As technology has improved, more and more people are working from home. Millions of Americans now work from home at least one day out of the week. Numerous studies have shown that at-home workers are less stressed, have higher job satisfaction, are less likely to leave their jobs, and enjoy a greater work-life balance. Our […]

When most people think of the advantages of working virtually, they typically think of things such as avoiding the horrendous traffic that is part of a daily commute, saving money on gas, and the flexibility they receive in both their professional and personal lives. But there is another huge benefit of having a virtual workforce—it’s  […]

In the first post in a five-part series, I stated that product knowledge is the number one skill needed for contact center agents to be their best. These skills and traits were determined via a survey of our own agents. The second skill highly effective agents have is the ability to solve problems. Now this […]

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  When most people hear the phrase “work from home,” the image may come to mind of someone wearing pajamas, working from the couch, likely multitasking work with house chores and children. But in reality, that’s not the case. It takes a person with some key traits to be a home agent for a virtual […]

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Contractors. Freelancers. Consultants. The self employed. It is predicted that by the year 2020, these independent workers will become the majority of our country’s workforce. With today’s economic conditions, it’s no surprise that our workforce is becoming increasingly independent. Companies, in an effort to cut costs, are utilizing these workers for one-off assignments and long-term, […]

We have a saying at Working Solutions: “Our agents are the best of the best.” And we mean it. We’ve been able to build a vast, highly skilled network of at-home professionals using the same criteria we’ve used since starting the company 16 years ago. Here’s a glimpse into what makes our agents the best. […]