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How to Improve Your Computer Skills at Home

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Find Online Computer Training and Tutorials

This is where you will already need some basic computer skills. Once you have identified your key computer skills goal, get to work finding resources to support that learning from home. There are countless websites, videos and even online groups dedicated to helping people just like you improve computer skills from home.

You may have the option to choose between a paid computer program or using free resources. Be sure to check out testimonials from other learners and research your options, especially be-fore committing to a paid program. It can help reach out to community organizations like the local library to see if they have programming suggestions, already vetted by others.

If you are learning new computer skills to enter into a different work market, or to improve your career, a career counseling center can also be a helpful place to start. These organizations usually have a list of resources learners can access. They may be able to help you get started with the basics.

Put Your Learning to Work

Now that you are developing your skills to reach your goals, it is time to continue putting that learning to work. Using the program that you want to learn about, building a website or creating videos, for example, is the only way to gain familiarity and technological proficiency. Ideally, your chosen learning resources will have given you the skills you need to apply your new knowledge in a hands-on way.

There are many ways to incorporate these new and progressing skills into your life, whether at home or at work. If you are learning about spreadsheets, for example, you could transform your paper checklists and budgets into an Excel document.

If you’re brushing up on digital photography and editing, try entering a photo contest or turning your work into a printed calendar. You might find there are even more skills you want to learn, now that you have started mastering something new.

If you run into any problems while implementing your knowledge, you can always try going back to the training you used to see if there are solutions. And you could also try using the same searching and research techniques you’ve developed to troubleshoot on your own.

By regularly using and practicing computer skills, they will become second nature. There is no need to be afraid of trying your hand and testing your knowledge. The combination of external resources and your resourcefulness means that you can successfully improve your computer skills.


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