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Bringing Worldly Experiences to Customer Service

Serving Diverse Clients

As for clients, Christina has two accounts right now. One works with seniors. The other involves tax preparation software. Each account has its own challenges and distinctions.

With the first one, family members are seeking the right resources, often the most appropriate places for their loved ones to relocate as their lives change. “It can be heartbreaking, but it is so rewarding to find people for them to turn to,” Christina said.

With the other client, calls can be long, depending on the complexity of the tax issue. Christina listens and offers guidance. “If anything, the coronavirus pandemic has helped increase my patience in dealing with tough problems.”

Achieving Work-Life Balance

In her free time, Christina likes to blog and collect old things–including drinking mugs.

She and her family also enjoy traveling, but typically stay close to home. Christina lived in Charleston, South Carolina for a year-and-a-half and loved learning about the city’s history. She recently traveled to Wilmington and saw the World War II battleship, the U.S.S. North Carolina, docked there.

Christina feels good that her life is so satisfying and well-balanced. With Working Solutions, she selects her own schedule. This flexibility enables her to not only work, but also to homeschool her daughter.

She’s found the perfect fit for her life.

'By the time I got to Working Solutions, I was ready to excel at customer service work. It was the right place at the right time.' -Christina, Working Solutions Agent


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