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4 Tips for Adjusting to Work-at-home Routines

Remote work has many significant benefits, but there is no denying it’s much different than doing a traditional office job.

And just like anything else that involves change, it requires an adjustment period to create new routines and habits to enable you to work effectively.

The tips included in this article will help you settle into this way of working faster so you can begin experiencing the benefits sooner.


1. Make Your Needs Known

One of the key aspects that will determine how fast you adjust to a work-at-home routine has to do with your ability to set ground rules.

Getting your family’s and your friends’ support starts with making it clear what’s needed from them for you to succeed.

Here are a couple of guidelines to consider:

  • Establish a set of work boundaries. If a family member can’t find something, such as the TV changer, that’s not a good enough reason to interrupt your work. Identify the dos and don’ts for them while you’re on the clock.
  • Make your work schedule known to family and friends. Explain why they should respect your work-at-home hours, just the same if you were at the corporate office. You’re a professional, wherever the work gets done.

talking to family about work at home schedule

Guidelines will establish parameters to ensure proper and productive use of your time.


2. Have a Designated Work Space

Sure, you can probably work from your couch, but we recommend having a specific home-office space for your computer, office supplies and work-related items.

Why create a space that resembles a traditional office? It’s because the setup will help you shift into a let’s-get-things done mode as soon as you sit down at your desk and begin the day.

Also, it will make the transition from working in a classic office to a remote job go much smoother.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that your office space shouldn’t be near distractions, such as the TV, kitchen or the bed. This way, you are making it easier to stay focused on the job.


3. Don’t Shut Yourself Out from the Rest of the World

When you start working remotely, you may find yourself missing the social aspects of a traditional office setting. Having a work-at-home job, however, doesn’t mean zero interaction with others.

It just means you must make a more conscious effort to plug the potential people gaps in your life.

From volunteering or attending business events, scheduling more activities can alleviate the isolation you might feel working from home all day.

social settings for work at home best practices


4. Give Yourself Some Wiggle Room

While creating and sticking to a routine is good, don’t feel like every single day needs to be exactly like the rest. Allow for some flexibility.

Maybe give yourself a day to take your lunch break out in the city with a friend or pop into the office for a face-to-face meeting.

The point of having a routine is to give you structure, but it shouldn’t confine you. Approaching things this way will help you take full advantage of the flexibility and freedom remote work promises so you can enjoy it more.


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