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After 16 Years, Remote Customer Service Still Gratifying for Gail

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Gail    |    Working Solutions    |   Customer service agent for 16 years

Living in rural southwest Michigan, Gail was adept at raising and selling flowers, and traversing the huge sand dunes hugging the Lake Michigan shoreline. Who knew that she’d be equally good at handling customer calls remotely for Working Solutions.

“I’ve always loved living on a farm and arranging fresh flowers for sale at a roadside stand,”
Gail said. “But I also knew that I needed to generate income for our family of four—me, my husband, our two daughters and our dog, Eli, the large Goldendoodle.”

So in 2005, Gail joined Working Solutions as an agent. “The company has given me everything that I need—flexibility, the ability to balance work and life and the time to juggle activities with the kids (who are now grown).”


Has Seen Growth Explode

“It seems funny that 15 years ago, most people thought “work at home was a scam.” Now it’s day has come”—with Working Solutions ranking #4 on FlexJobs’ 2021 Top 100 Companies to Watch for Remote Jobs.

Gail’s first client program was a cellphone insurance firm. “We had about 20 people on the account,” she said. “Today it is much, much bigger with about five times as many agents.”

Over time, Gail moved on to clients in the hospitality and energy sectors. “I’ve liked all of the accounts I’ve worked on. Of course, some have been more lucrative than others.”

Today, Gail spends most of her time counseling other Working Solutions agents who are needing assistance. “I’m a resource they turn to when they have issues, problem calls or new campaigns. I like being a problem-solver.”

Doesn’t Feel Isolated

As to the isolation of doing remote work, Gail said she has never thought about it very much.

“We always have so much interaction with others that you never forget you are part of a team.” She did, however, concede the COVID pandemic has made the isolation feel a little tougher this past year.

Gail also plans to get to at least one of Working Solutions’ regional meetings following the pandemic. “I’ve always heard those meetings were a great way to get to know colleagues.

As for her time off the job, Gail camps, enjoys the beach and tends to her garden. Grapes and flowers are her specialties. She also spends time with her four grandchildren, aged two to 13.

During a normal “non-COVID” year, Gail occasionally travels to other places in the country. She recalls trips to Texas and Key West, Florida as being most memorable.

That’s only natural for someone who loves roadside stands and the open road.

"Working Solutions has been my solution. It gives me the chance to excel professionally while living my life." -Gail, Working Solutions Agent

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