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Proper Balance Becomes Part of the Work for Elsa

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Elsa   Retail, Entertainmnet and Education     Agent for Working Solutions since 2019  

It was early in 2019 when Elsa, a vice president of a staffing company and married mother of three, decided she had to make a change. As she ran hard to keep up with corporate demands, her kids were getting older, and she feared she was missing out on life.

So, from her house in Fort Worth, Texas, Elsa looked long and hard for work that was more flexible, but opportunities were scarce. This is the point when Working Solutions came into the picture, and the firm’s work-from-home model could not have been more ideal.

“I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to define my own schedule and spend more time with my kids,” Elsa said. “Life goes by too fast.”

After joining Working Solutions in April of 2019, Elsa’s first clients were in the retail, entertainment and education sectors. The education company, an online proctoring firm based in Boston, presented the most unique challenges. “My job was mostly to troubleshoot issues around exam setups and online proctoring of tests.”

COVID-19 Brought Changes

The work was pretty well-defined and predictable until the coronavirus pandemic. “Chats spiked from fewer than one per minute to seven or eight. It was a deluge.”

Elsa explained that Working Solutions had three days to onboard its team, which grew to 200 over the course of a month.