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What Are Some of the Best Work-from-home Jobs For Military Spouses?

If you’re a military spouse, you’re probably familiar with frequent relocation and having to arrange work and home around your spouse’s military career.

What you might not be aware of is the array of opportunities to work from home. Whether you are performing customer service or setting up your own online business, you can work from home and make money while taking care of home and family. It’s all about achieving the proper balance between home life and work life.

Today’s working environment becomes more flexible every day. This is largely due to advances in technology, as well as changes in attitudes of potential employers who reap the cost benefits of not having a fixed workforce.

This openness is of interest to you as a military spouse. Working for one employer tied to a location will be challenging because of your need to relocate. Being self-employed or an independent contractor, however, can work with your lifestyle, no matter how uncertain your future.


Top Jobs for Military Spouses

When considering how you will work from home, we recommend taking a look at your skills and what you enjoy doing. Remember that the flexibility of working from home may also provide you with an opportunity to expand your skillset or learn new skills. With that in mind, here are some of the top jobs for military spouses.


Freelance writer – There is an increasing need for business writers to create content for websites, social media and online marketing campaigns. It’s work you can do from any location. All you’ll need is a computer and an internet connection for research and to send or upload finished posts or articles.




Graphic designer – This is another career area that has exploded thanks to the growth of the internet. Skilled graphic designers are in demand for their web-design skills and their ability to create logos, images and infographics for social media.




Entrepreneur – Using entrepreneurial skills is well-suited for working from home, provided you set parameters. As a military spouse, for example, be wary of being tied to physical products, though, unless someone else handles the shipping. With an online store, however, you can access your dashboard 24/7 from any location with an internet connection. It can take some time to get an online business running, but the rewards go beyond monetary compensation.




Customer sales or service agent – Setting up as an agent is a way to go when you work with a company like Working Solutions, a leader in on-demand contact center outsourcing. We have clients with well-defined customer needs.

If your skills are a good match, Working Solutions will invest in you to learn a client’s business. Once onboard, you can agree to how many hours you wish to work (usually, at least 20 a week), when you will be available, and what kind of work you want to do.
Working with us is ideal if you want to control your work hours so that you can look after children in your off hours or relocate when necessary. For the past five years, Working Solutions has been named among the FlexJobs Top 100 Companies with Remote Jobs.

Far from having limited career choices, military spouses have many opportunities to work from home.

Explore your possibilities today. Check out active job listings that suit your skills.