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Debbie Succeeds Because She Cares

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Debbie    |    Working Solutions agent for 16 years

Debbie, a 16-year Working Solutions agent, still views every call she takes as an opportunity.

“People don’t call unless they have an issue or a question. I’m there to listen to them, answer their questions and, in some cases, comfort them,” Debbie said. Given Debbie’s client is one of the country’s top tax software companies, she often faces a three-letter challenge, the IRS.

“Taxes are daunting. My message is that if you let the software do its work, your job is simple. My goal is to calm people down, and I’m successful 90 percent of the time.”


Meticulous Approach to Service

Debbie, who spent stints serving other Working Solutions clients in the office supply and travel industries, really likes working for her current client. “They give me a lot of freedom and leeway to solve customer needs, and I like that.”

Debbie practices Working Solutions’ detailed approach to customer service. It’s an approach she learned from Kim Houlne after she joined the company.

“My last employer, an office supply firm, was taken over by a much bigger competitor, and it became clear our days there were numbered.  But immediately after the takeover, three CEOs from contact center companies came in to speak with us. The last was Kim Houlne.”

“She impressed me much more than the others,” Debbie recalled. “Her message was not only about customer service but also work-life balance. In the end, there was simply no competition. I had to go to Working Solutions.”


Family First

A native of Texas, Debbie, and her husband have assembled what can only be described as a very large family. They have six children, 15 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren. “I love being with the kids and especially the grandchildren. I get the best part of the deal. I get to spoil them to death. Then I get to send them home.”

But with a big family, Debbie has taken on a lot of responsibility. She spent a great deal of time taking care of her husband who suffered from heart issues, and, just last month, was in Arizona tending to a critically ill brother.

“I am just lucky to be contracting with a company like Working Solutions,” Debbie said. “They give me the time I need to take care of those who are most special to me.  Not all companies are like that.”


Values and Culture Have Fueled Working Solutions 25 Years of Growth

And Debbie noted that Working Solutions values apply to agents and employees, but to clients as well. “You see it when clients list customer care companies that provide top-notch service. Working Solutions is always either at or towards the top of the list. This is a company that truly cares about how it serves others.”

In her off time, Debbie likes doing crafts and she used to be an avid gardener. When she travels, which isn’t as often as she’d like, Debbie normally flies to Maine or Arizona to see relatives.

She also makes a point of attending Working Solutions’ companywide meetings in Dallas. “I am always so impressed with the feeling of camaraderie at this company. It is conveyed right from the top. Everyone here feels heard and is valued.”

Debbie Succeeds Because She Cares

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