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PRO Spotlight: Special Edition – Holly W.

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In this special edition of our PRO Spotlight series, we are pleased to feature Holly Wozny, a remarkable finalist for the “CMP Research Best of the Best: Agents in Customer Contact” award. This prestigious recognition celebrates front-line agents who set the gold standard in customer service excellence. Holly’s nomination by her program leaders and selection as a finalist underscores her dedication to superior service and continuous improvement.


A Beacon of Leadership and Support

Colleagues and peers look up to Holly, not just for her knowledge and performance, but for her innate ability to uplift those around her. “Holly is always so helpful. As a fellow resource, I appreciate her leadership on our team. Holly knows the program like the back of her hand,” shares one co-worker. Holly has made it her mission to ensure collective success, often taking it upon herself to mentor and guide others toward their personal and professional growth.


Fostering Growth Through Guidance

Holly’s approach to helping her colleagues is not about giving direct answers but empowering them to find solutions independently. This method encourages learning at the source and builds self-reliance. Her knack for answering questions while guiding PROs to the right resources has made her an indispensable part of the team.


Mastering the Programs and the Industry

Holly’s expertise isn’t limited to just the programs she works on. She’s also acutely aware of industry trends, market issues and client needs. She identifies opportunities for improvement and suggests actionable solutions, showcasing her proactive and problem-solving mindset.


PRO Tips for Success

Holly’s advice to fellow PROs resonates with wisdom and practicality:

Stay Resilient

Don’t allow difficult calls or customers to affect your composure and confidence. Learn to move forward and focus on the positive interactions you have with customers.

Professional Mindset

Treat your work like you’re running your own business. Success follows those who are dedicated and professional in their approach.

Routine and Preparedness

Start your day by getting dressed (skip the PJs) and preparing as if you were heading to the office. This routine helps set the tone for a productive day.

Why Working Solutions?

Working Solutions has been more than a workplace for Holly; it has been a community where she has formed enduring friendships and connections. “I’ve met some really wonderful people. I’ve made some really good friends that I probably wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for Working Solutions,” she reflects. She also enjoys the opportunities to work on diverse programs across various industries.


About Holly

With more than 11 years as an independent contractor with Working Solutions, Holly has shown remarkable versatility and dedication. She has worked on multiple programs as both a customer service agent and in quality assurance. Before this, Holly was a corporate travel agent with several major companies. Moving to a smaller town, however, limited her job opportunities until she discovered the ability to work from home. When not in her agent role, Holly loves spending time with her wonderful husband and family outdoors, whether it’s going to the beach, hiking or shopping. She also enjoys unwinding with detective shows like Law and Order, Killer Cases and Snapped.

Holly’s story is a testament to the impact one individual can have on their colleagues, clients and industry. Her nomination for the CMP Research Best of the Best award is a well-deserved acknowledgment of her contributions, setting a high standard for professionalism, mentorship and customer service excellence. Congratulations, Holly!

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