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Degreed Educators Coach On-demand Call Center Agents

A Client’s Business Becomes the Classroom

To serve a business, you first got to know the business. Its culture, customers and products and services. And that kind of insight takes education—from the inside out.

For us, a client’s business becomes the classroom.

That’s why for every new account, a team from Working Solutions University™ (WSU) visits a client on site, studying its operations firsthand. Learning the ins and outs of its call center and customer service.

Led by degreed educators, all WSU instruction is done virtually—from onboarding contact center agents for a client program to ongoing, long-distance learning. Many of them hold masters’ degrees, with teaching experience that ranges from seven to 10+ years.

As online educators, they are well-versed in interactive learning, from role-playing to gamification. That’s essential to engage thousands of remote agents, who are dispersed across the United States.

Working Solutions, which has about a dozen educators, is showcasing their expertise in a new series of professional profiles. The first of these feature Stacy Waggoner, Jennifer Brown and Crystal Holmes.

Together, they represent nearly 50 years in education—25 of them with Working Solutions.

A Passion for Education

Stacy was destined to teach—and did so for seven years in public and private schools. Then she decided to take her teaching skills in a different direction. Her enthusiasm for education cinched a contract instructor opportunity at Working Solutions in 2006. Two years later, she moved into curriculum development as an employee, and now works as a director of education and development. She’s a major advocate of Working Solutions’ “woohoo” approach to training. As Stacy says, it makes agents happy and opens up the environment for them to learn.

Elementary, My Dear…

Jennifer found out her elementary school experience was the ticket for being a stay-at-home mom. She made the decision to work at home after the birth of her first child. Browsing the Internet, she found a list of virtual contact center positions and applied to them all. She got a call from Working Solutions, which makes a point to interview candidates with her specific background. Eleven years later, Jennifer is still working her “dream job,” now overseeing curriculum design and training for six clients.

Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher

There was never a doubt in Crystal’s mind that she would be a teacher—even as a child. But what she didn’t’ know is that after 10 years as a public school teacher, her passion for teaching would lead her into the world of contact center outsourcing. That was four years ago. At first, she worked a two-month trial as a WSU virtual contract instructor to earn extra money. Crystal became so enthralled with the gig, she gave notice to her school, joined Working Solutions, and has never looked back.

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