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Kristy Devotes Her Life to Clients

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Kristy    Travel and Healthcare     Agent for Working Solutions since 2006  

A widowed stepmother of two, Kristy began her career in a major automotive company’s finance group for seven years before transitioning to Working Solutions.

“I learned quickly that I’m much more suited to working as a consultant than as a W-2 employee,” Kristy said.

“The flexibility and freedom Working Solutions affords to its agents makes it a very attractive place to work. That said, we are expected to deliver our numbers and provide exceptional customer service. And I work very hard to do that.”

From her house in rural Iowa, Kristy now services two clients – a travel services company based in Milwaukee, and a medical device firm, based just outside of Chicago.

“As long as I have my phone and computer, I’m perfectly situated to work for both companies. And I like the accounts very much.”

At the travel firm, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven a rush of calls cancelling or adjusting reservations. “Emotions are running high,” she said. “But I enjoy the challenge.”

The work she does for medical device firm is sometimes almost the opposite of what she does for the travel client. “Not long ago, I was working with an 87-year-old man who had never even used a cellphone. Obviously, it took patience to help him apply a heart monitor to himself at home. However, we got the job done. What a great way to end the day.”

Yes, that’s a great way to end the day for someone who loves making a difference.

Of course, Working Solutions has made a great deal of difference in Kristy’s life. Back when she worked on another travel account, Working Solutions gave her the flexibility to get both of her hips replaced.

Of course this seems minor compared to another situation where Working Solutions provided critical support.

When Kristy had to act as a caregiver to her husband who was suffering from cancer, WSOL founder Kim Houlne acted as her stand-in project manager.

“Kim’s understanding of my personal situation and the fight we were facing is so seldom seen in any working environment, let alone by the CEO of a company,” Kristy said. “She brings an amazing amount of humanity to her job and is a prime reason I love working here so much.

“Working Solutions truly cares about its agents and clients. That’s what makes it such a special place to work.”

In her off time, Kristy loves to travel. Recent destinations have included Sedona, Arizona and Lake Tahoe. “These are incredibly peaceful and beautiful places where you can reflect on life.”

And for Kristy, this is obviously a life well lived.

'Working Solutions truly cares about its agents and clients. That’s what makes it such a special place to work.' -Kristy agent since 2006

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