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Know the Difference: Between Being an Independent Contractor vs. Employee

8 minutes

Know the Difference: Between Being an Independent Contractor vs. Employee

Want to become a work-at-home contact center agent at Working Solutions? Before you apply, know upfront that you’ll be a self-employed, independent contractor—and not an employee of the company.

There are big differences, important differences, between the two, as explained in an independent contractor video produced by Working Solutions.



For instance, did you know?

  • Unlike employees, whose earnings are taxed (W2), agents are fully responsible for paying their own taxes (1099 form).
  • Unlike employees, who work in corporate offices, agents have to outfit their entire workspaces—with a desk, computer, phone system and supplies.
  • Unlike employees, whose work time is set by their employers, agents get to pick client programs and schedule their own hours.


Being an independent contractor for Working Solutions brings opportunity, freedom and work-life balance, along with the responsibility of being self-employed.

Once you’re an agent, you can select your clients and the hours worked. Depending on the client, we’ll educate you accordingly in the required customer service program—free of charge, adding to your skills.

The question is: As a businessperson, would you thrive as an independent contractor?

If so, we encourage you to join us.

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