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Giving Your Way to Success


Renee | Agent since 2015
A flexible work schedule enables her to balance life and the job.


A Shared Dream

Renee looked forward to a fresh start when she joined Working Solutions as a virtual agent in 2015.

Prior experience prepared her well for her first assignment, where she helped customers with their medical, home, auto and life insurance.

While pursuing her bachelor’s degree in business administration, she handled medical billing for a doctor. After graduating, she verified insurance for a hospital. Renee also working in the hospital’s emergency room, where she admitted patients and became quite adept at keeping them calm.

All total, she would rack up 12 years of call center experience and serving customers—from which she learned some key lessons.

Getting back what you give

“To be successful as a human being, you have to look at each person you meet as an opportunity to learn something. Customer service is your opportunity to shine as a human being. Your opportunity to assist.

“We all are customers. And I’m a strong believer that what you put out there is what you get back.”

Today, Renee works as a corporate travel agent.

She found Working Solutions on the internet as an “answer to prayer.” And she’s glad she did.

She believes the high caliber of Working Solutions’ programs and name-brand clients “bring in a different breed of people” to work them. Her flexible schedule provides the right balance between work and her ministry and home life, making her a more dedicated person on the job.

Best of both worlds

Being able to meet other agents and company leaders at regional meetings closes the gap between working at home and feeling part of a team. At those same meetings, she met company founder and chief executive Kim Houlne.

“I learned something inspiring and different about Kim’s dream for the company each time we met. She’s committed to that dream. A dream that encompasses and benefits many others.”

And those benefits extend to her husband, Darren, and daughter, Jaia, both of whom also work for the company.


Great Customer Service Pays Off

As the result of a customer conversation, Renee’s philosophy of “getting back what you give” proved true in a big way.

One of the calls she received came from the president of the university she attended. She recognized his name and felt “an extra measure of connection to this stepping stone in my life.”

Renee helped him during a difficult time for airline travel while he was en route to the school’s graduation ceremony.

Her service and presence on the phone impressed the college president. So much so, he wanted to share the success of this former student during his future remarks.

Two days later, Renee received an email inviting her and her husband, Darren, to attend an alumni dinner.

Stepping into the limelight

“So as we arrive, the president’s director is there waiting for us at the entrance, where we walked a red carpet. I felt so honored.”

The president himself then showed up and asked Renee if she had a problem with public speaking. To which she replied: “No problem at all.”

He then invited her on stage, saying he wants to relive his experience with her able travel assistance.

Singing her praises

“He tells everyone how proud he was to know that he was cared for by his very own alumni student. He said he filled out an ‘extremely satisfied’ survey, not only because of the excellent service, but also because of the success of a former student in meeting his travel needs.

“He asked if I liked what I do? I shared a resounding ‘yes.’

“He then said, ‘Did you know the flight you booked helped me to make it to this weekend’s graduation. I walked past others stranded in the airport.’ And that thanks to my help and the rapport I built with him, he felt his travel plans were ‘solid.’”

Renee said so many of the students were so glad to hear of her success and to know how life can bring you full circle when you help others.

“I stood as tall as a tree that evening. Darren and I both realized how blessed we really are.”


“Customer service is your opportunity to shine as a human being.”

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