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Marcia Knows Data Fuels Working Solutions’ Success

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Marcia   |   Customer Service Expert    |    Woohoo! Crew Agent Spotlight

Marcia, an 18-year Working Solutions agent, has been entering data for the firm her entire career.

While this may not sound glamorous, it is vitally important to the company. The data Marcia records, which includes calls with customers, surveys, and feedback on customer experiences, creates a record of activity that makes Working Solutions more effective in serving its clients.

“Back when I started in 2002, calls were fairly random,” Marcia said. “Today, we deal with much bigger workloads, and we have eight people in data entry.

Marcia Knows Data Fuels Working Solutions’ Success

“Our jobs are to create a history of Working Solutions transactions, which then gets sent to the cloud,” she explained. “The better our records, the better the service we can provide.”

Continuity is a Constant

Continuity has been one of the constants of Marcia’s time at Working Solutions. “I’ve been reporting to Larry Keiter since I started with the company. We’ve got a tight team, and we provide a lot of support to one another.”

In some ways, it’s as if her real family is merging with her one at Working Solutions. Marcia’s husband, who is a firefighter, now serves as a data entry agent with Working Solutions. And in a quid pro quo, Marcia serves as a support person for the fire department and has also done some dispatch work.

“We share an office and headphones for transcribing. We are not only partners in life, but also partners at work,” Marcia said.

Marcia, a New Hampshire native, has lived in the same 4,000-person Maine town of Winterport for the last 36 years and has no intention to leave.

Winterport is a charming and historic town perched upon one of Maine’s best harbors. “It’s a wonderful place to live and a great place to raise children,” said Marcia, who has a daughter and two grandchildren.

In the Beginning

Marcia happened upon the opportunity at Working Solutions after hearing from one of her best friends that the company was looking for data entry specialists. “I applied, and the rest is history. It was the right role at the right time.”

Like most other agents, Marcia values the flexibility she gets from Working Solutions. “It is great to control my own schedule and to have the ability to work from anywhere I have an internet connection.” This enabled her to stay with her ailing parents several years ago while still performing her job.

Laying the Groundwork

Prior to becoming a Working Solutions agent, Marcia worked in her town office in Maine for five years.

Marcia attended a secretarial college in Maine and lived in six different states before settling back in Maine to be with her family.

She chalks up much of her success in data entry transcription to when she worked for 15 years at the University of Maine’s graduate school.

“We had students from around the country and around the world. I had to be able to understand various dialects and inflections. And this has helped me immeasurably in doing transcriptions.”

Marcia also worked in the insurance, medical, and manufacturing fields before entering into her contract with Working Solutions.

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