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Using Corporate Travel Skills as a Remote Service Agent


Kathleen | Agent since 2007
Kathleen is blessed with exceptional administrative and service skills.


Kathleen is a polio survivor. Managing the complications from this condition required years of treatment, surgery and hard work, as she continued her education and training.

Blessed with exceptional administrative and service skills, she worked initially in customer service programs at several companies, including Continental Airlines and DuPont. The demands of working in a traditional office, however, eventually became too much.

In 2007, she saw Working Solutions chief executive Kim Houlne being interviewed on TV. Impressed, Kathleen knew she wanted to work with her and her team. She was moved by Kim’s sincerity, caring for others and professional empathy.


Shares Her Expertise

Now an independent contractor for Working Solutions, Kathleen is a corporate travel agent, using skills that are much in demand. As a remote contact center agent working from home, she draws from her vast experience to help travelers arrive at their destinations.

Her expertise in global reservation systems, which often still run on legacy technology, and firsthand industry knowledge are valued by colleagues and customers alike.

Some of the best things about Working Solutions, according to Kathleen, are the camaraderie, encouragement and care you share with other agents and managers through regional agent meetings, emails, the company chat room and personal calls. She enjoys sharing her stories and advice with less experienced agents through these remote-friendly channels.



Serving Customers, Awake and Asleep

On one occasion, Kathleen received a call at 11 p.m. from a woman who was in Paris and needed a flight early in the morning to return home to the United States. As Kathleen searched for a flight, the woman, who was exhausted, fell asleep. Kathleen could hear her snoring and kept holding—for 30 minutes. She was able to provide the woman with new flight reservation information, enabling her to make it home in time.



“Working from home enabled me to continue sharing my experience and know-how even as I managed my own challenges.”

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