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Stats That Reflect The Importance and Benefits of Remote Work

In the last few years, remote work has gone from being a trend to becoming more and more prevalent across companies, big and small.

Technology has not only enabled workers to become more flexible, but it has also changed the way people do their jobs.

Because of this revolution in the workforce, it’s important to look at the implications of working remotely. If you’re thinking about working from home and you would like to know how exactly it would benefit you, then this article is for you.


The Most Important Stats of Remote Work

1. It increases productivity

Being productive is one of the main things workers struggle with when performing in an office. According to a nationwide survey, noisy colleagues and impromptu meetings represent the primary productivity stoppers in the workplace.

Because of this, almost 90% of survey respondents said they prefer working alone to achieve maximum productivity.

At home, people have more control over the distractions that they allow during their work schedules.

For example, you can set up your desk in a room where no one is allowed to disturb you—unless it’s for something urgent that cannot wait another few hours.



2. It boosts motivation

Motivation not only drives efficiency, but it also makes people better workers. According to a survey done by PowWowNow, more than 50% of employees would feel more motivated when working from home.

The fact that they can control their environments, desks and office areas, what to wear, breaks, and sometimes even working hours, is going to boost their motivation levels.


3. It saves a lot of time

People working in an office spend way too much time commuting, which means that it stops them from enjoying the free time they have left during a working day.

Luckily, working from home is going to help you avoid wasting hours sitting in traffic. Instead, you can spend more time with your family and friends.


4. It improves work-life balance

parents taking care of kid during work at home break

Because of the flexibility remote work offers, it dramatically impacts the work-life balance. A LogMeIn survey reported that people’s major life decisions were influenced by the ability to work from home or not.

Starting a family, taking care of family members or a pet are important reasons why workers are more likely to consider a remote job.


5. It fosters well-being

male ruining in urban city during work at home break
A study done by Mental Health America found that 77% of the respondents agreed that a flexible work schedule and the ability to work from home would help them become healthier.

Well-being can refer to everything from working out to eating healthy, cooking more meals at home, and most importantly, avoiding stress due to commute time or being away from home and family.


In the last few years, more and more companies started to understand the importance of providing employees with the flexibility of working from home.

This means that you can now find the job you want without making any compromise that can affect the relationship with your family.

Now’s the time to search for the remote job that works for you—and it’s easier than ever.

Start your search here at Working Solutions and apply to the job listing that best suits your qualifications.

Remote Work Is Here to Stay