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What You Can Do After Retirement to Make Money

Whatever your reason for working after retirement, there are plenty of ways to continue making money. Here are some of our favorites.


1. Work at home as a customer service agent –Remote work is one of the most popular ways to earn money today. Ninety-nine percent of respondents in a Buffer survey stated they would like remote work to be a part of the rest of their careers.


woman working from home as customer service agent


As a remote worker, access to a reliable computer, a dedicated phone line and a quiet, secure space can enable you to work in a variety of jobs, including a customer service agent. Hours are flexible, with workers in control of their availability, matching their skills to clients’ needs.


2. Become a consultant – If you have a lifetime of expertise in one or more fields, this is a great time to consider becoming a consultant. You can earn good money for your time and experience, helping businesses with special projects or offering advice on a regular basis.


3. Teach or tutor – Teaching or tutoring gives you a way to pass on your skills and experience. As a tutor, you will work one-on-one with clients from home or traveling to their locations. As a teacher, you can also create an online course to earn money from signups and/or an eBook to make money from sales. One of the benefits of creating a course or eBook is that you can earn a passive income from your material. And there is the option to supplement that with live seminars or in-person training.


retired woman working from home


4. Temping – After retirement, it’s possible to continue working on short contracts. Working as a temp offers some retirees the flexibility they desire while keeping them in touch with the feel of a workplace. Perhaps you enjoy the 9-5, but not five days a week. Temping is an option to consider, though it may involve some uncertainty and a willingness to adapt.


5. Copy Editor – Well-versed in grammar and writing, many retirees enjoy working from home as copy editors. It’s ideal work for those who like to read, have an eye for detail, and care about quality and accuracy. Courses are available to those who wish to develop their skills. And you can start with minimal investment.


woman working from home as an editor


6. Transcriptionist – More and more content is being created for media, including blogs, newsletters, email campaigns, and digital books. As a result, there are many clients looking for people with transcription skills. This is typically a job for those with exceptional typing speeds as projects are paid by the word or page, not by the hour.


Explore these options to continue working after retirement.. There are many ways to earn money that don’t involve maintaining the 9-to-5 routine, enduring a commute, and putting up with office politics.

If you want to retire from office life, but you still want to earn money, working from home for one or more reputable firms is a great option. Remote work can give you flexibility and a reliable income.

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